Forbidden Love -PAUSED-


(Previously known as "Shameless"). 

Even though Moonbyul was in a relationship with Solar, the pull she felt towards Hwasa was just too sharp to ignore. It didn't help the fact that Hwasa enojoyed teasing her.



Hwasa just liked to tease, that's all. 


Watching her squirm and blushed before her touch was really entertaining, specially since Moonbyul was taken.

Or was she?

This story is ending everyone, buckle up.


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Chapter 9: I really hope the author of this story will be back 😢 hope author didn't forget
Chapter 9: I hope authornim will be back soon
Chapter 9: I absolutely LOVE this story! Although it hurts, I will patiently wait for the next update. I hope ur doing well and pls hurry back ♥️🥲
Chapter 9: This is the first time I found Asianfanfics, with this pandemic I needed to find something to read bored out of the regular books, I gave this a try and let me tel you I... I have jump up and down my seat a few times whenever something unexpected comes in the story. Been the second story of yours I read and I am excited to whenever the story will be coming back.
I hope you are and your love ones are doing greand and healthy.

Sincerely a New Fan.
Thank you for the stories!
Chapter 9: Will wait for your comeback. Stay safe!
Chapter 9: We’ll be patiently waiting~
readysetsleeep #7
Chapter 9: Please take your time, we'll wait :)
Chapter 9: Take care of yourself authornim. Thank you for giving this story.
Chapter 9: It's sad that you can't write for this right now, but I'll be here if you ever feel like finishing it
Chapter 8: I love this, I'll be waiting for the next update