Who Always thought Alike.

Undeniable petals
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Finding Eunha wasn't the hard bit.


Even though the older had slipped her sight... if you looked closely on the ground... there is a trail of petals scattered thinly, that normally wouldn't catch the attention of a passaby.


But SinB had senses beyond the average person and it's absurbity was more than enough for SinB to know to follow it.


Something worth mentioning about this petal trail though... they did not settle on one static colour... but rather... they spanned from white to pink and purple as well...


Actually on some white petals.. SinB swore she might've even sore a tint of red on the edges.


I hope that's not blood


She would silently think to herself, whilst still grasping at any explanation that could be causing these flower to appear before her like so...


well you know... despite the obvious reason.


SinB just didn't want to think Eunha had caught such an unforgiving disease... so despite the evidence before her.. she convinced herself to hold off  on any definite conclusions until she confirms it all herself.


Conveniently yet nerveracking for her... the petals ended at the front of Eunha's personal dorm room where the door was left unclosed with a small gap still opened.


Even before stepping in, SinB could already hear the desperate commotion that was taking place behind the door.


"Eunha-" SinB halted at the very sight before her as soon as she stepped in through the entrance. Despite preparing for it, the familiar sight that greeted her... shocked her to her very core as two and two begins piecing together. "Eunha... that's... you have-"

Her words were interrupted by a series of coughing fits,


With each fit a new wave of flowers came out and landed all over the ground, despite the other woman's best efforts in suppressing the petals, keeping both hands tightly shut on at all times... 


There was no doubt about it.


Eunha has caught the hanahaki disease...


SinB had just confirmed it for herself...


But that...


That could only mean one thing...


Someone had caused this to happen.... 


Someone who had not yet returned Eunha's romantic feelings.


"Who?" SinB couldn't resist asking once the coughing had subsided. The revelation that there is someone out there responsible for Eunha contracting the same illness was startling, heightening her intrigue about the identity of that person.


It's a complete mystery afterall... At least that's what's SinB is telling herself.


Besides, it's not a far fetch thoughts as Eunha had always been quite popular among her peers, having a lot of friends in her circle where there were definitely no shortage of secret admirers. It's only natural for Eunha to feel attraction towards someone too...


So really...


It could be anyone...




SinB did realise for the past month or so, the woman's schedule has taken a change. 


Coincidentally, it was around the time SinB developed her illness. Since she had revealed it to her childhood friend, Eunha had been reaching out non-stop—checking up on her, inquiring about her health, and overall, just sticking close by.


Observing Eunha now, SinB notices that she couldn't hold eye contact. Their gazes met briefly before the latter swiftly averted her eyes, leaving SinB's question hanging in the air.

It was as if Eunha couldn't face SinB at all.


Could... it be




She couldn't help but wonder within that split second, her memories replaying every interaction she could remember thus far for where she may have missed any hidden clues.


However, those thoughts were quickly marred by the sight before her, as she watched Eunha's face, still turned away, morph into a rather painful expression, one that she suspected was caused by something beyond the roots growing deeper within her lungs.


No... SinB finally concluded in her mind with certainty. It's not me.


It's no surprise by now, but the college student had always been the silent yet observent type.


She notices and picks up on behaviour better than the average person... at least when her head is thinking straight.


And Eunha's behaviour towards SinB is not out of the ordinary...


So that begs the question then...


Who could it be?




Now that she thought about it.


SinB did always tend to have an elusive discomfort in her heart when it came to Eunha's actions toward another particular person that was in her life.


Someone who had quickly grown to fill every inch of her heart in more ways than she could imagine...


And sometimes... Eunha's demeanour with that certain someone made her question if the other also felt the same as her...


Admittedly, SinB had repeatedly quelled her suspicions, suppressing them deep within, convincing herself that it was all nothing but a result of overthinking...


Now, however, those nagging doubts resurfaced, tugging at her in ways she wished to avoid.






"Eunha... Tell me..." She exhaled. Her breath rather shakey as a revelation comes to mind... "is it Sojung? Is she the one?" Her words came out more demanding than she would have liked, but honestly, SinB couldn't help it. Especially as those very words made the other snap her head towards her direction, where their eyes finally locked again.


Perhaps SinB had always long harbored internal doubts about the slightly older woman's affectoion towards the barista... . Despite Eunha and Sojung getting along remarkably well, SinB often dismissed these thoughts, attributing them to her own misgivings and unneccessary overthinking and Jealousy...


During those times she would push to remind herself of Eunha's unwavering support and persistent encouragement that had propelled herself towards Sojung's directions in ways she wouldn't be able to achieve herself. 


The girl practically urged her to get closer to Sojung.


Still.. even with that knowledge, SinB found herself occasionally wondering about the authenticity of Eunha's words, especially as she observed the pink-haired woman's interactions with Sojung.


Her suspicions on the matter secretyly made her feel like a horrible friend... The internal conflict intensifies when she reflects on the lengths Eunha had gone to, sacrificing her own efforts to help SinB present her best s

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HakunaMatata01 #1
Chapter 10: Thank you for finishing this story!! It was a wonderful read an an emotional rollercoaster, it’s sad to see Gfriend stories like these not getting the same amount of attraction as your other story. But nevertheless I hope one day you can create more Gfriend stories
Chapter 9: Finally! Been waiting for this!

The Eunbis, nooooo T.T

So much happened, poor Sowon, not just witnessing Eunbis collapsing, but also seeing them with blood 🥺

Thank you for the update, I hope you're doing well, authornim!
HakunaMatata01 #3
Chapter 8: NOOO, AUTHORNIM, YOU JUST DIDN'T???!!! >.<
Such a tease! 😭🤣 Looking forward next chap!
HakunaMatata01 #5
Chapter 7: Damn! The two Eunbi’s are alike, I mean they’re different.. but alike at the same time with Sojung.

It looks like either could be end game now…
Chapter 6: I loved seeing Eunha's insight. She is not the bad guy no matter what SinB might think. Her own question was answered by Sowon. She is nor bad, she is sincere and just wants for all three of them to be happy and for both Eunbi's, herself included, to stop hurting and growing flowers in their bodies.

The symptoms are worsening, Eunha needs to decide fast. Sure, her situation is complicated but I am sure there can be an outcome where all three of them turn out happy. But even with sad ending I will be happy because I love this story! Haven't read one about this concept in a while .

SinB and Eunha don't want to sacrifice their feelings for Sowon, both preferring to feel love rather than lose it. Might be jealousy over one another, not wanting to give up.

Losing feelings might be the one of a few solutions where they make it out alive. But you might surprise us, author.
HakunaMatata01 #7
Chapter 6: I kind of just realised this now, but is there a reason Eunha's petals are a variety of colours, but SinB's is only yellow?
Chapter 6: Whoever's gonna end up with Sowon, my heart's gonna be crushed for sure, I've been thinking about this story since the last chapter 😭
Chapter 5: Both Eunbi's have fallen for the same girl. It will be hard choice for Sowon to make. If she will make it What will happen if she sees both girls as just friends?

I doubt she would let them die over her and will assure them to get surgery.

If she will ever find out, that is.