Far Away

Undeniable petals
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It's like slow motion, the way she pulls her hair back, the way she moves, the way she walks... the way she made eye contact and the way she smiled right after...








SinB couldn't really pick a word for her...


But can you blame her?


All those words fit so well for her, whether individually or all together.


Kim Sojung is her name, at least that's what she saw on the barista's badge anyway.


It's funny, SinB remembers it like it's yesterday, the day she set foot into this small, yet rustic cafe. She remembers walking in, dark circles and everything, with nothing else but some refreshing hit of caffein on her mind. 


She had lined up just like everybody else, practicing in her head, what she was going to order... 


Well let's just say, that all that practice was thrown in the garbage the moment it was her turn to order.


Never in her life has she seen such beauty...


beautiful blonde hair, clear skin, sharp nose, plump lips and a warm pair of dark orbs staring back at her own...


SinB was at a lost for words... 


She must've stared for too long because the next thing she remembers is the literal angel, speaking up with her just as angelic voice "Um, what can I get for you?"


"Oh uh-" She stutters, unable to form any coherent words under the taller woman's presence. "I- I'm sorry, my head must have a mind of it's own"


She shuts instantly, feeling a bundle of embarrassment hit her all at once.


'head must have a mind of it's own' what the actual Hwang Eunbi!

She mentally screamed at herself... but all that was interrupted when she heard the soft, yet composed laughter from the other.


"Seems like someone, definitely needs a bit of caffein today"


She couldn't help but let a small smile curl up, hearing the other like that. It made her feel relieved if anything...


"You could say that again?" SinB went along with it, before skimming through the menu once again, as if she hadn't already before while lining up. "I'll just have a regular ice coffee"


"Sugar level?"


"I trust you"


Giving her the warmest smile ever, the barista told SinB her total, before taking the money and then tending onto the next customer. 


Walking to the side though, she couldn't help herself but to quickly look at the blonde's name tag.




what a pretty name...





Ever since then, SinB found herself going back to the small cafe over and over again, integrating the trip into her daily routine. 


You see she didn't know why she would do it either...


all she knew was, her legs would drag her to the shop and then her eyes would take over, roaming around the counter area, as if looking for someone...


ok she lied, 


she definitely went back to the cafe over and over again to look for that pretty barista named Sojung. 


Some days she would be successful and as creepy as this may sound to some, she would sit down with a book as a decoy and subtly stare at the other.

On those days, you may find her sitting at that cafe for almost an hour (she once sat there for two).

Other days, she wouldn't be so lucky and it would be another girl or guy working, on those days, she'll find herself leaving the shop quicker than usual. 


But fortunate for her, today was one of those days where she'll sit here for a while.


So as per usual, taking out her book and setting it in front of her face, she took small sips of her ice coffee, before getting amazed at how quick and cool Sojung looked while taking orders and making orders.


"Ah SinB!"


Breaking her stare instantly, her eyes went up to the figure that had walked towards her.


"Eunha? What are you doing here?" She asked immediately, quite surprised to see her childhood friend here out of all places.


"For coffee, duh" She holds up a small coffee cup "well- hot chocolate to be exact, you know me, not a big fan of coffee" She chuckled before inviting herself to SinB's table and taking a seat in front of her. "I'm surprised you know about this place though, it's quite a random cafe here don't you think"


"You're right, I feel the same way, but all in all, I guess that's what makes this store charming."


"Came here to read?" Eunha asks, eyes staring at the book SinB still had in her hands.


"Uh yeah... and to get away for some peace and quiet"


"Well, don't let me stop you, I really came here for a peace of mind too" Eunha smiled at SinB before grabbing out her phone. 


And just like that the two fell into a comfortable silence, with Eunha scrolling away on her smartphone and SinB continuing to "read" her book.


She would never get over the way how her heart skipped a beat when she once again stared for too long, and she and Sojung made eye contact. The blonde had smiled at her before going back to what she was doing, and SinB find herself turning back to the page in front of her... heart still beating faster than normal...


At that moment though, she couldn't help but feel like someone was staring at her rather intently...


and as much as she wished it was Sojung, glancing up from her book, it was none other than Eunha.


"Eunha, did you need something?" She raises an eyebrow at the way the shorter woman was staring at her right now?


"Ya know" Eunha begins to speak "We've sat here for almost ten minutes now... and not once did I hear you turn the page"


Her eyes widen, not being able to believe that she's just been caught red-handed. 


"Uh you know, I'm just a slow reader, was never big with reading remember?" Yes! good cover Hwang!'


Raising an eyebrow, Eunha places down her phone "You're right, you've never been a big reader..."


"Yea exactl-"


"So why in the world are you reading in a random coffee shop?"



Completely at a lost of words now, admist trying to come up with something... anything, she made a big mistake of glancing over to the blonde barista, when Eunha caught on instantly.


Following her line of vision, Eunha stared for a while before turning back with a small smirk.




"What?" SinB quickly adds defensively.


"nothing~~ I just know your type now; tall, blonde, hot. Honestly, I don't blame you" Eunha turns

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HakunaMatata01 #1
Chapter 10: Thank you for finishing this story!! It was a wonderful read an an emotional rollercoaster, it’s sad to see Gfriend stories like these not getting the same amount of attraction as your other story. But nevertheless I hope one day you can create more Gfriend stories
Chapter 9: Finally! Been waiting for this!

The Eunbis, nooooo T.T

So much happened, poor Sowon, not just witnessing Eunbis collapsing, but also seeing them with blood 🥺

Thank you for the update, I hope you're doing well, authornim!
HakunaMatata01 #3
Chapter 8: NOOO, AUTHORNIM, YOU JUST DIDN'T???!!! >.<
Such a tease! 😭🤣 Looking forward next chap!
HakunaMatata01 #5
Chapter 7: Damn! The two Eunbi’s are alike, I mean they’re different.. but alike at the same time with Sojung.

It looks like either could be end game now…
Chapter 6: I loved seeing Eunha's insight. She is not the bad guy no matter what SinB might think. Her own question was answered by Sowon. She is nor bad, she is sincere and just wants for all three of them to be happy and for both Eunbi's, herself included, to stop hurting and growing flowers in their bodies.

The symptoms are worsening, Eunha needs to decide fast. Sure, her situation is complicated but I am sure there can be an outcome where all three of them turn out happy. But even with sad ending I will be happy because I love this story! Haven't read one about this concept in a while .

SinB and Eunha don't want to sacrifice their feelings for Sowon, both preferring to feel love rather than lose it. Might be jealousy over one another, not wanting to give up.

Losing feelings might be the one of a few solutions where they make it out alive. But you might surprise us, author.
HakunaMatata01 #7
Chapter 6: I kind of just realised this now, but is there a reason Eunha's petals are a variety of colours, but SinB's is only yellow?
Chapter 6: Whoever's gonna end up with Sowon, my heart's gonna be crushed for sure, I've been thinking about this story since the last chapter 😭
Chapter 5: Both Eunbi's have fallen for the same girl. It will be hard choice for Sowon to make. If she will make it What will happen if she sees both girls as just friends?

I doubt she would let them die over her and will assure them to get surgery.

If she will ever find out, that is.