Tzuyu's Puppy Love

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So I wrote a oneshot in my Tzuyu oneshot book (which is the same as the first chapter of this one) and had a lot of fun so here is a oneshotish book from the same au. It's puppy Tzuyu centric so feel free to request scenarios. All of the members are literal animals so this will probably be a mess of cuteness and stuff


Nayeon - Himalayan Cat

Jeongyeon - Basenji

Momo - Dobermann

Sana - Shiba Inu

Jihyo - Samoyed

Mina - Korat

Dahyun - Oricat

Chaeyoung - Munchkin

Tzuyu - German Shepherd/ Siberian Husky Mix

Please prompt some cute or funny scenarios <3


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Chapter 12: OMGGGG this was way too cute ToT
Chapter 12: Yaw- goodness, I'm sorry. These shots are just so incredibly adorable and I can't control the shizz-eating grin on my face. I absolutely like this, author-nim :>. I was also wondering if you could put side ships and how they would take care of puppy Tzuyu.
Julius #3
Chapter 12: Why twice so cute >< they love their maknae so much
Chapter 2: ohhh my goddd, this is sooo ing cute- my hearttt-!
pearswitch #5
Chapter 12: I can't wait to see pup!Tzuyu grow up and loom over the cats. Also, can you write a chapter where pup!Tzuyu ends up in a high place she logically shouldn't be able to reach? (like those videos where the dog ends up on the cabinets) Thank you!
Wivern #6
Chapter 12: Drowning in fluff.
No complaints. :D
Redluvblink #7
Chapter 12: I swear these chapters are just too adorable ??
Momo_Jjang #8
Chapter 11: Aren’t we all like this for Tzuyu uwuwuwu
pearswitch #9
Chapter 11: everyone is so soft for tzuyu uwu
EndlessYuri #10
Chapter 11: I’m really enjoying this piece of work, it’s really heartwarming and light.