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When a young journalist by the name of Kim Yerim graduates and finds herself desperate for a job in the media industry, she swallows down her pride and decides to work as the new personal secretary to the surprisingly empathetic CEO of Worldwide Times, Kim Namjoon. Quick-witted and sensible, the CEO quickly gains her respect and begins to show her a new life in the world of media.

When her favorite CEO gets busy out of the country, he appoints the young Jeon Jungkook, a new and cold member of his personal security team, to protect her when she is inevitably dragged into a scandal. What happens when the clumsy and whimsical heroine is forced to put up with these stern men? Will she choose the successful and young CEO, or will she fall for the young and restless bodyguard?


This is a fictional look at fictional characters. The setting, time and location has been altered for the sake of the storyline.

NGL, still can't believe I published this chapter titled "My Time" one month before Jungkook released his My Time solo track on the MOTS:7 album in February. I smell fishy! LOL


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angelizatriouan #1
Chapter 20: Thank you for sharing your work, Author. Because of this, I really enjoyed my weekend. 💕
Chapter 6: Once the name of kang seulgi came out, I know for sure park jimin Will be trailing behind :))
Chapter 2: I cant believe I just started this..
your jungri Fics are all my ultimate fave but in this fic I saw a glimpse of namjooonxyeri huhu
Chapter 20: I'm actually not a jungri shipper but like you I'm open to any ship! And this story of yours is just too good, God, thank you so much for making this. Hmm.. for a new ship, Idk why but SeulgixSuga, IrenexJungkook, JoyxV, I'm interested in all three of them.. hihi. Stay safe, Author-nim!
baekyeon9635 #5
Chapter 20: You're one of my favorite authors LITERALLY ,i've read all of your Jungri stories and i hope you will continue writing ff about them..for the suggestions idk really..maybe werewolf×human Mate au or something's just my personal preference i like fantasy saff ...or maybe a hogwarts concept doesn't matter what is it i'm gonna read it..and for the couple idk JungRi is my ultimate couple so yes hopefully Jungri hehe❤🥺
ipurpleexo #6
Chapter 19: I loved this story♥♥
Not too m7ch drama....not too less. Right amount of romance, plot and funny hint to it. I really loved it♥♥
insohotvip #7
I enjoyed this story so much! Very lighthearted and sweet. Love jungkook's character in this. Will definitely revisit this story once in a while. Thank you for writing such a good story ?
bukishine #8
Chapter 19: So sweet and cute.. Can't believe it's already the end
i4udbest #9
Chapter 19: Yeayyy you've finished!! To be honest, I wasn't expecting myself to read jungkook yeri story but you definitely changed my mind. Thank you for the lovely storyline authornim ??