Emergency Room

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2XXX. Humanity has collapsed. 75 percent of the human population has been wiped out by a pathogen of unknown origin. The virus turns the humans into the Infected and it's up to the surgeons to dispatch and elimanate the Infected before it spreads.


T-ara are mostly treated as side characters but important to the plot overall. While the tag does have T-ara, the story is mostly seen through the eyes of the main character. If you're sensitive to language or anything else, don't click on this then.


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Chapter 7: ooo butler cafe haha
Chapter 5: so someone rigged the dummy
Chapter 3: Hyomin is trying to get at Jin hehe.
Chapter 2: Hm i'm trying to imagine the core of the infected being punched out of the arm. Looks like it would be gross lol.
Chapter 1: Sounds anime-y already haha