Day by Day: Year 0: Jiyeon


It was the age of development! The people of Korea experienced a boon in their fortunes - everyone from the highest esteemed CEOs to the lowest of the lowest street urchin - peoples' lives were changing for the better. However, the people of Korea hubris went along with it. The government rushed to build weapons and raised an army that would deter any regional players, but there was a price to pay. After the King died, two factions: the North and the South, emerged both vying for control and soul of all Korea, seeking to unify Korea under their philosophy. This would cause instability and resulted in local warlords emerging also grasping for control and power.

Jiyeon Park, a young county girl displaced by the new war for Korea's soul, will set out on an adventure with a mercenary swordswoman, Hyori Lee. What will their travels bring? How will Hyori shape Jiyeon's future?



The story is loosely based on T-ara's music videos: Day by Day and y Love drama ver. It, the story, focuses on Jiyeon's descent from a timid and optimistic girl to a cold-blood killer with gray morals (at least that's the hope).



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Chapter 2: this is so nice ^^
ShainaloveTara #2
Chapter 8: Please continue this story
ShainaloveTara #3
Chapter 4: Update again please
Chapter 4: what's going to be jiyeon's secret plan :O
Chapter 2: please update soon author-nim
Is this how jiyeon becomes a master swordswoman and eventually a crime lord who looks for dani?