Chapter 1: Savior

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Chapter 1







"Sohyun is that you?"



I look up to see a six feet tall man wearing his usual uniform, on his nameplate reads Chanyeol. As expected, he was surprised to see me here sitting alone at one of the tables inside the bar he is working.



I took off my cap since it was no use hiding then signed him to keep quiet before grinning at him. Whenever I'm on a tight spot, it's my habit to smile because they said, my smile is cute and warm and people can't help but be nice to me.



"Chanyeol oppa you won't tell my parents right?" I asked sweetly like an innocent child, making the man in front of me scratch his head in headache. In the end, I know I will win him cause he can't resist my charm.



"But please don't get yourself in trouble Sohyun. If your parents find out about this, I'll be fired." He warned before putting a glass of some juice I ordered on my table.



I rested my chin on my hands acting all cutesy on him. "Do you think I'm that kind of person oppa?"

Chanyeol just sighed knowing I am the kind of person that gets whatever I want, just except this going to 'bar things' cause my parents won't allow me. I mean since childhood, I can have the things I want. If we go shopping and pointed at a $100  doll, Mom and Dad will buy me. All those dresses I fancied became mine and every single thing I ask was all given to me. I know I'm spoiled with these material things so most of the girls in school envied me. Only if they knew what it's like to be Kim Sohyun.



"Do what you please but don't disturb me. I'm busy right now." He then left and I'm alone once again.

"Thanks." I waved at him even he has already turned his back at me. Okay, back to being quiet again.

I look around the whole place. People are dancing wildly to the loud music the DJ is playing. There's a couple kissing at the table on my left. Girls wear short skirts and boys are checking out girls by their preference. Mostly scenes I only see on televisions.



It's my first time going here and the atmosphere felt weird already. I guess I don't belong in this place. At least, I'm not stuck inside that empty house.



As I began to drink the juice I ordered, a group of teenage boys came walking in on my table making me froze from my seat. Why are they all looking at me like that? I can sense danger in their dark eyes and annoying smirks. Instead of staring back at them, I fixated my gaze on the drink I'm holding and acted like I wasn't affected by their presence.



One of the boys sat in front of me. His hair is a mess, his eyes are puffy red and his smell reeks of alcohol. To sum it all up, he looks horrible. I tried not to notice all the ugly things and hid the uncomfortable feeling by giving him off my usual smile. "There are many vacant tables out there, mister." I pointed at the tables around us

His smile became wider, eyes sticking at me like he's thinking of impure thoughts and all I could feel is disgust. Now I remembered wearing this ty shirt that shows a little of my cleavage and a skirt only above my knees.



"I like to sit here. May I order us a drink?" He snapped his fingers and all the boys standing beside him followed and sat beside him while others went beside me. This is not right, an innocent girl being squeezed by these thug-looking men. Eeeew!

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Nicole121314 #1
Chapter 15: Good that SoHyun is accepting Kyungsoo as friend not forcing to be her bf right away. Good decision SoHyun....
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Chapter 13: Chanyeol is still soft for SoHyun even he doesn't like the idea ..
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Chapter 12: Dohee is making a scene but im sure she's the one cheating. Im sure of it hehe
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Chapter 11: They mert again.. and it seems Kyungsoo is interested to know SooHyun more...
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Chapter 10: Kim Sohyun bad... it's not good ok..
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Chapter 9: Ohmy. Jiyeon will be in trouble because of Sohyun
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Chapter 9: Ohmy. Jiyeon will be in trouble because of Sohyun
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Chapter 8: Im not sure but i like Sohyun standing for herself when she is being bullied.
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Chapter 7: This Dohee might be using Kyungsoo...