A day on Runningman


He was coming strait towards her, while she was standing between maybe a hundred other people his eyes where solely fixed on her. The only thought in her mind was: No no, please noooo, not me!, she didn't like to be in the spotlight, getting all the attention and having everyone looking at her was definitely not her thing. But the tiger had apparently found it's pray and there was nothing anyone could do about it, he was approaching her in a fast pace, and the people in front of her where already making room to let him pass true.



I'm back! It sure has been a while...i have had a bumpy ride for the past few years, and it's not completely over yet.

Anyway, i present to you my first Runningman / Kim Jong Kook fanfic. YAY :) The fic is already finished, so you don't have to worry about starting to read a story that never will be finished.

It is all purely my imagination, i hope you'll like it and maybe can recognize yourself in the character. 
My apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors, English is my second language.

The story might seem familiar to some of you, i started writing and publishing this story before, but due to personal reasons i couldn't continue writing at the time. Later i did finish the story but only now decided to share it anyway. Because i wrote this story a long time ago Kang Gary was still a member, i could change it so that he's a guest. But i have to apologize to all Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan fans, i couldn't add them in the story anymore, so it's only the old cast, sorry.

note: all characters in this story (besides the Runningman members) are fictional!


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Lemonade22 #1
Chapter 8: Hey i really liked this story(just like your other ones) i hope i can see what happens with them after this I'm rooting for them a lot :) I hope you countinue
Mongmongjkjk #2
Chapter 8: Please continue!!!!!!!!!!?
JiHyo_candyalliance #3
Vi mojiti napisat candyalliance stories ?pojalusta !