Mission 3

A day on Runningman

After they all found their seats again at the three tables they had had their dinner at earlier the PD said "The next mission will also be played here, this is the third and the last mission before the name tag elimination game, it's your last chance to gain an advantage. Up until now Kim Jong Kook's team has won two missions and therefor has 6 points, Yoo Jae Suk's team got second place in both previous missions which means they have 4 points and Ji Suk Jin's team lost both missions giving them only 2 points.". The members started thinking and calculating quickly and Yoo Jae Suk got quickly to the conclusion "We have to win and Kim Jong Kook has to loose the next mission, otherwise they'll get the best advantage!". The PD continued "The next mission involves your desert. The queen and one of the members of the team will play the Pepero game, you get two chances.". Not even a second after the PD finished talking Jong Kook jumped up forgetting the table in front of him, making it clatter against the floor with a loud noise, ignoring the fallen table he growled "YAH, how can we do that!". At the same time Shirley could hardly keep herself from dropping her head on the table out of frustration of it being an 'intimate' game again, the only thing stopping her was the fact that the table had fallen to the floor. Yoo Jae Suk stood up as well "Yes, don't you think that's a bit too much for these two ladies." gesturing towards Shirley and Tohru "We hardly know them and it's not like they're actresses who are used to ... to such things." he explained. The PD seemed to think for a second and then turned his attention to Tohru "Do you mind playing the Pepero game?" he asked her, "No i don't mind." she answered while she shook her head, "You do know what it is?" he asked to be sure, she laughed "Yes, we played the game in high school.. a few times."  the last part she added quickly as if afraid that they might think she played the game often. Then the PD turned his attention towards Shirley "Do you know the game?" he first asked, Shirley nodded her head "Yes, i do." she didn't mention she only knew it from seeing it on Runningman, the PD then asked "Do you mind playing the game?", "No, i'm ok." she answered while thinking 'What else can i do than agree?' It wasn't like she would mind playing the game, it was just the problem of who she had to play it with. 'She didn't know who she would rather play it with, Haha or Kim Jong Kook, Haha would maybe be slightly more comfortable but on the other hand Jong Kook would be...well..' she blushed at the thought. Jong Kook let out a sigh "Humpf, what else can she do but to agree?!", but at this point both girls had agreed so the mission would go on, there was nothing he could do about it.

They decided the sequence of who would go first by playing 'rock-paper-scissors', Haha lost and they had to go first which gave them a huge disadvantage. "I seem to have a bad day today with playing games, Jong Kook should play the Pepero game with our queen." Haha smiled smugly at being able to make Jong Kook play this game with Shirley, not because he himself didn't want to, but because by now he also had noticed that Jong Kook had a 'special' interested in Shirley. As thanks for making Jong Kook play the Pepero game he received a dead glare from the person in question 'It was a good thing Shirley hadn't seen it, otherwise she would definitely run away from him'  Haha thought to himself, he shivered at the thought of the next time he wasn't in the same team as the tiger, 'I will definitely die this time'. 

As the two of them walked to the table that was now the only one in the middle of the filming area Shirley tried her best to stay calm, she had to become her confident self that she always showed to people. It was a rare thing these days that she showed her shy side in public, but somehow she wasn't able to keep wearing her 'mask' in front of Kim Jong Kook. Her resolute demeanor crumbled the moment he looked at her with his piercing eyes, it was like he could see right true her pretense. But right now she absolutely needed to become that strong woman she always pretended to be, she closed her eyes for a second and took a deep breath. They reached the table and she turned to face Kim Jong Kook, she saw him blink and raise his eyebrows slightly for a second, the expression on her face had changed and he had noticed, but she was able to maintain her composure for now.
The Pepero sticks lay on the table and Jong Kook took one, he still seemed a bit uneasy, Shirley gave him a small smile "How about you just hold the end of the stick and i'll eat it?" Shirley suggested "I know you don't like to eat the chocolate part.". He thought about it for a few seconds and then nodded "That might be a good idea." he agreed, he didn't agree with it because of eating the chocolate, but because this way it was entirely up to her to decide how far to go. She looked him in the eyes "It's ok, right?" she asked, it took a bit before he understood what she meant, he then nodded "It's ok, just eat as much of the stick as you want to." and winked at her.
"Remember, you have two tries." the PD reminded them, they both nodded and Jong Kook said "Challenge!" and took one end of the Pepero stick into his mouth. Confident Shirley stepped closer to him and put her hands on his shoulders as he did the same with her, when she took the other end in she dearly wished he would close his eyes instead of looking at her. She lowered her gaze towards the stick and pretended she was playing the game with a close friend, while avoiding his gaze she started to bite of little pieces of the stick while advancing towards him. The closer she got to him the harder it got to keep pretending to be confident, her heart started beating hard in her chest but she kept on going. She heard the other members giggle at first and the farther she got the louder they became, they started to yell "Wah" and "Oohhh" in amazement and glee. She was completely focused on her task and ignored everything else, but the moment she felt Jong Kook's breath on her face she got thrown back into reality and her confidence crumbled, 'TO CLOSE!' her mind yelled. She jerked back and her face became as red as a tomato, unconsciously she looked up at Jong Kook, a small smile spread around his lips as he bit of the remaining part of the Pepero stick.
It wasn't as short as she had hoped for, but Jong Kook seemed pleased for some reason.

The other two teams took their turns, Ji Suk Jin and Tohru didn't get very far before they bit of the Pepero stick. Ji Hyo and Jae Suk agreed they had to at least be able to win this, they put all personal feelings aside and left only a very short bit. They where confident none of the other teams would be able to beat that.
It was again Jong Kook's and Shirley's turn, this time Jong Kook seemed much more confident while Shirley had an even harder time to keep up pretense that nothing was bothering her than she had the first round. Jong Kook picked up a Pepero stick again "This time we'll do it the other way around." he said "You just hold the stick and i'll eat it.", there was a playful glint in his eyes now, Shirley couldn't really explain. She silently nodded and thought to herself 'Just don't bite off the stick. I can do that...'. 
Again Kim Jong Kook announced "Challenge!" and Shirley took the Pepero stick in , he stepped closer to her and put his hands firmly on her shoulders, he gave a little squeeze and then started to slowly eat at the other end of the stick. She couldn't help but to close her eyes, she felt him slowly getting closer and just waited until he would bite of his end of the Pepero stick. She was determined not to bite off the stick before he would, 'I won't bite off first! I'm not going to give in!' she kept telling herself, becoming more and more stubborn, meanwhile she focused on her breathing to keep calm. He kept getting closer and by now she could feel his breath against her face, he still didn't bite off the stick on his end. Suddenly she felt his lips brush against hers, both of them shocked they simultaneously bit off the Pepero stick which fell to the ground, giving them a good excuse to look anywhere else than each other, apparently they both had expected that the other would bite down first. 
When they found the remaining piece it turned out to still be a tad bit longer than the piece of Jae Suk and Ji Hyo from the first round.
Ji Suk Jin and Tohru accepted their loss without trying a second time, knowing they wouldn't ever be able to beat the others. Which automatically meant Jae Suk and Ji Hyo didn't have to play a second round as well because they already won, and Jong Kook and Shirley placed second like that.

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Chapter 8: Hey i really liked this story(just like your other ones) i hope i can see what happens with them after this I'm rooting for them a lot :) I hope you countinue
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Chapter 8: Please continue!!!!!!!!!!?
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