Mission 1

A day on Runningman

It was time to move on to the next location and each team got into their assigned cars, Shirley sat besides Kim Jong Kook who drove and Haha was seated in the back. They looked at the mission card to see where they had to go 'Go to "M" swimming pool' the card said. "A swimming pool" Jong Kook said "i wonder what we'll be doing there this time. They keep coming up with new stuff.", Haha agreed with him "Yes, the writers keep amazing me with their imagination.". While Shirley was still being awed and distracted because of all the camera's that where placed in the car she commented without thinking "Swimming pools are always fun.", Jong Kook turned his head towards her "Really? You like swimming pools?". Shirley's face turned red again, that was not exactly what she meant, she was thinking about Runningman missions at swimming pools, but she nodded quickly. "Can you swim?" he then asked, "Yes, i can swim pretty well" she answered, "Good, that's a relieve." he said smiling. While they talked about various other things they arrived quickly at the pool. 

They got out of the car and walked towards the Runningman flag that they immediately spotted, they where the first to arrive. When she saw what was laying in the pool she exclaimed happily "Wah, awesome!", it was a big inflatable obstacle course. Jong Kook and Haha looked at her in surprise while she almost was bouncing up and down from excitement, then they looked at each other and burst into laughter at her childlike behavior upon seeing the obstacle course. 

The PD explained "Today we'll be doing three missions, the more missions you win the more advantageous it will be for you in the final game which will be 'Protect-the-Queen name tag elimination' .", no one asked any further explanation because they knew they wouldn't tell them anyway. The PD went on with explaining the mission they had to do at this location "Here the queen and one of the team members have to clear the obstacle course and when they finish the other team member has to solve a riddle. The two persons doing the obstacle course get a chance to practice the entire course once with a maximum of 10 minutes.". 
They had quickly agreed that Haha would do the riddle and Jong Kook would do the obstacle course with Shirley, it was only logical they would do it like that and Jong Kook and Shirley went to change into the swimming suits quickly so they could start practicing. When Shirley came out of the female dressing room Jong Kook just walked out of the male dressing room. "I'll try not to let you fall into the water." he told her while they headed towards the obstacle course, she laughed "It's ok, i can handle a bit of water.". He helped her from the shore onto the huge inflatable course, the start was flat and the first obstacle was a hill they had to climb up on. Shirley dashed forward and scrambled up against the small hill, but unfortunately just before she could reach the top she lost her momentum and slid down again. She heard Jong Kook and Haha laughing behind her and she turned around embarrassed, "You came quite a long way for the first try." Haha commented "It seems like you did it before.". She was happy to hear that "Well, when i was little we had one like this in the swimming pool we always went to one summer. I do remember how we did some of the obstacles, but apparently it has been too long ago since i actually did it." she pouted. "We'll figure it out." Jong Kook said smiling and he leaped forward and climbed up against the hill. He sat himself on top and held out his hand towards Shirley, "Come i'll help you up, that's why we're with two people.". She run up towards the hill again and scrambled up on hands and feet, this time when she was almost there Jong Kook's hand grabbed her arm and easily pulled her on top as well. "See, that was easy." he commented and smiled at her, his smile made her blush and she quickly looked away pretending to look at the next obstacle. Next there where three inflatable pillars that where as wide as the passage they where standing on, they had to somehow get past them. She remembered that trying to get past them on the right or left side never worked, even if you could get your arms around them they would bent over because of your weight and you would fall in the water. The problem was you had to run straight into them hard enough so they would bent over in the right direction and quickly climb over them before they veered up again and you got shot away.

"I'll go down first and catch you." Jong Kook told her, and he slid down the little hill. Unfortunately he slid down to the side and couldn't stop himself before he went straight into the water, causing a fit of laughter from everyone who was watching including Shirley. He looked hopelessly flustered while swimming back towards the obstacle course after taken a dip into the pool. But it got even worse when he tried to get back on the inflatable thing, it was slippery and he couldn't get a grip anywhere to pull himself back up. Still grinning Shirley now slid down and angled her slide so that she would bump into the first inflatable pillar to stop from falling into the water. She wrapped her legs and one arm around the base of the pillar and held out her hand towards Jong Kook to help him up. Horribly embarrassed by now and with a red face he took her hand and climbed back up without saying a word. When he was on the course again Shirley suddenly started to blush, she didn't realize it before, but the shirts they where wearing had only the sleeves in the team color and the rest of the shirt was white...a thin white shirt that now got wet..., being in such close proximity to Jong Kook she could see the contours of his body perfectly now. She looked away and hoped he wouldn't realize it himself and get even more embarrassed. She quickly tried to divert her own attention by telling him how she remembered they did the pillar obstacles when she was little. He didn't seem to understand quite what she meant so she decided to just show him. But again this also didn't quite work out the way she meant to and she got veered away to the side and also took a plunge into the water. Fortunately she was given something dark to wear under the t-shirt unlike the guys who just had swim shorts and a t-shirt, so she didn't had to worry about the white shirt getting wet and see true. She swam back towards the course and Jong Kook grabbed her wrists when she got in reach and pulled her back up, she thanked him and saw he could hardly contain his smile, it must've looked very funny how she got veered away. "Well, something like that." she said, ending the explanation of how to get past the obstacle, "Yes, i see. I understand what you mean now." he said still grinning. It took them a couple of tries and plunges into the water before they finally succeeded in getting pass the inflatable pillars that where blocking their way. Before they knew it the PD blew his whistle indicating that their 10 minutes practice time was up. Jong Kook started to protest because they hadn't tried the entire obstacle course yet, but the PD didn't give in. "I think the pillars are the most difficult part." Shirley said while looking at the remaining course, "Yes, i think you're right. The rest doesn't seem too difficult." Jong Kook agreed.

The remaining Runningman had arrived while Jong Kook and Shirley where practicing and after they dried themselves a bit they watched while the other teams practiced the obstacle course, they didn't get past the pillars before the practice time ended. Meanwhile Jong Kook explained his strategy on taking the obstacles they hadn't been able to practice to Shirley. While he was explaining things to her Yoo Jae Suk said laughing "There he go's again, coach Kook.", before Jong Kook could react Gary commented dryly "But it seems they work well together.", "That's true, they seem like a perfect couple." Jae Suk agreed teasingly. Jong Kook's face turned red but pretended not to have heard them.

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Lemonade22 #1
Chapter 8: Hey i really liked this story(just like your other ones) i hope i can see what happens with them after this I'm rooting for them a lot :) I hope you countinue
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Chapter 8: Please continue!!!!!!!!!!?
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Vi mojiti napisat candyalliance stories ?pojalusta !