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I'm also on twitter, if you want to you can contact me there also i would definitly like that: ShCh_Holland @SoulieDragon


About Me


This is my first time writing a fanfic, please have patience with me and guide me.
I would be verry thankfull for any comments and tips you can give me, please let me know what you like but also what you don't like or what you think is missing in my story's.

Also English isn't my native language, so it's possible there will be mistakes here and there, please forgive me and try to ignore them :)
(And if they are really bad or being made all the time, i would also like to know, that way i can learn)

Untill recently i didn't really know about fanfic, i discovered that only when i discovered k-pop and mostly when i became a big fan of Shinhwa. And i really love it! Ever since i was young i've been thinking up story's for myself, mostly before going to sleep, lately also during the day when i'm doing stuff where i don't need to think about it :D. But they aren't really worthy of "book" material...but when i started reading fanfic i finally knew where my stories belonged. 
So here i am, trying to share my stories for the first time, and hopefully someone will like them.

Also, if it seems like i copied the (idea for) the story, please let me know! 
I swear to you that all the stories i'm writting are my own ideas...but ofcourse it could happen that someone else had the same idea.
Besides the fact that i really do not want people to think i copy work, i'm also verry curious to the other story then ofcourse :)