Mission 2

A day on Runningman

They moved to the next location, a restaurant in Hongdae. When they entered they saw three tables that where set with food, however the amount of food was different on each table. One table contained three simple bowls of rice, the table next to it had a standard Korean lunchbox for each person and the table next to that one was filled with an abundance of small bowls filled with all kinds of side dishes.
"You all are pretty hungry by now, aren't you?" the PD asked when all three teams had arrived, everyone agreed, already weary of the table containing only the bowls of rice, "Good! But before you can eat you have to play a game to decide which table you will be eating from. The team who can carry the queen under the lowest limbo bar can choose first, each team gets two try's per height." they all nodded that they understood. Each team got together to decide on who would carry the queen, in the case of Shirley's team it didn't need any discussion of course. Shirley could already feel her cheeks starting to glow only from the thought of being carried in Jong Kook's arms, She started to worry 'This wouldn't do,' she thought 'if i'm already like this by only thinking about it, how will i react when we actually have to do it?! I'll have a beet red face and they will definitely notice.' . She glanced in Ji Hyo's direction who happened to look towards her as well, Shirley gave a worried look and Ji Hyo gave her a sympathetic smile in return.
Gary, Ji Suk Jin and Tohru went first because they also where the first to arrive at the restaurant. Of course it was Gary who challenged the limbo bar with the girl, for the first round the bar wasn't set too low yet, and Gary passed without much difficulty. Next up where Kim Jong Kook and Shirley, they walked towards the limbo bar and stopped in front of it. Jong Kook stood next to her and bend his knees while he put one arm behind her knees and the other one across her shoulders, he held her firmly and before she knew it she was in his arms. "Put your arms around my neck." he told her, "Aahh nae" she managed to answer and hesitantly put her arms lightly around his neck, "It's alright." he said while he smiled at her. His face was so close now because he was holding her in his arms, she felt her cheeks starting to burn seriously now. " Why?" he asked "You act like you've never been carried this way before.", if possible her cheeks flushed even more "Well, yeah....i haven't." she answered while looking away embarrassed. Jong Kook laughed " Ah hahaha, is that it, well don't worry, i won't let you fall. You're so light i might even forget i'm carrying you." he winked and hoisted her up. She was relieved that he blamed her uncomfortableness on the fact that it was her first time being carried bridal style. He easily went under the limbo bar with her and carefully put her down on the other side, she was just barely able to keep standing because her legs had turned into jelly.
Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Hyo also passed this height and the bar was lowered for the next round. During the second round Haha got the first chance to try and go under the limbo bar with Shirley, she was no where near as nervous about being carried by Haha than she was with Jong Kook even though the chances that he would drop her where much higher, Haha barely passed the second round. During the third round he failed and they both tumbled onto the floor, luckily they had two chances for each height and Jong Kook cleared the third round with Shirley. Shirley was still a bit uneasy about being carried by Jong Kook, but after the second time she slowly started to get used to it and wasn't as nervous as when they started the game. 
The second and third round was also passed by all three groups, although it got more difficult, especially for Yoo Jae Suk and Kwang Soo who finally failed at the fourth round, and therefor ended up with the table containing only rice. As expected Kang Gary was the next one out and Haha, Jong Kook and Shirley got the table that was packed with bowls containing food. Jong Kook sat on the side that was closest to the other two teams, he occasionally glanced in their direction to make sure they didn't come to steal their food, Shirley giggled at his expression, she was happy he wasn't looking at her like that, it would definitely make her tremble in fear if he ever did.
Meanwhile she got enthusiastic about trying all the unknown dishes and forgot about her nervousness, she made all the " hmm" and "yuck" noises that went along with tasting new foods. When she noticed that Jong Kook and Haha weren't eating anything she looked up at them, only to see their very entertained smiles directed at her. "You enjoy trying out new things i see." Haha commented laughing, "hmm, yeah i guess." she answered a bit embarrassed, "That's a good thing." Jong Kook said while looking pleased. Then they both started to point out things one after another telling her she should try it and explaining what it was after she put it in . 
After awhile Jae Suk commented "You three seem to get along very well over there.", " Yes, why wouldn't we?" Jong Kook asked him. "Well, i was a bit worried at the beginning. She seems quite shy and usually you're also not very good at making conversation with strangers, let alone women." Jae Suk explained, Jong Kook growled something under his breath about it not being true but didn't respond to Jae Suk's comment any further. 

After they where all finished eating they got a break from filming, the staff distributed drinks and snacks for the people who didn't get to eat enough, and make-up was being toughed up. It seemed a bit chaotic to Shirley with all the people running around doing all sorts of things, but Kim Jong Kook stayed by her side and made sure she wasn't left out with anything. The Runningman members sat down while the staff prepared everything for the rest of the filming, Kwang Soo asked Shirley if she knew Runningman, she nodded "Yes, i actually love watching Runningman", " Really? It's on television in your country as well?"  he asked surprised, "No unfortunately not, i have to watch on the internet.". "Who is your favorite Runningman?"  he then asked hopeful she said it would be him, she smiled a bit embarrassed "Kim Jong Kook-si" she answered while gesturing towards Jong Kook "and Ji Hyo unnie." she added quickly, she realized she was getting onto dangerous grounds if he would ask any further. Kwang Soo looked very dissapointed "Well, you must be happy to be in his team then.", Shirley nodded silently. Luckily Ji Hyo helped her out at that moment, also realizing this was going in the wrong direction she said smiling "Of course she does, she gets to eat the good food." and then turned towards Tohru to divert everyone attention from Shirley and asked her the same questions.
After that everyone started to chat amongst each other in little groups. Jong Kook asked Shirley about what she did at home, about her family and her friends, he was curious about her and couldn't really hide it. He also talked allot and told her about himself, actually much more than Shirley talked, until at one point Ji Hyo, who sat across of them at the table, apparently had enough of it and cut him off "Yah, you should also let her tell about herself if you want to get to know her." she bluntly said, she then realized what she had just said and looked apologetic towards Shirley. Jong Kook was obviously too shocked at Ji Hyo's comment to be able to reply to it, but Shirley quickly said "It's ok, i'm more of a listener than a talker anyway, so this is more comfortable for me." she smiled at Ji Hyo and Jong Kook. Unfortunately Yoo Jae Suk decided to also add his two cents "They're a good match then, one who is a listener and one who loves to talk, perfect, don't you think so?" he smiled happily. Now the situation had gotten even more uncomfortable, especially for Jong Kook who was at his wits end of how to save the situation, Shirley also couldn't come up with anything anymore to change the subject and Ji Hyo also seemed at a loss for words after Jae Suk's comment as well. Shirley was a bit frustrated at the situation, was she finally getting comfortable and just having a nice conversation with Jong Kook and then something like this happened again. She knew Ji Hyo meant well and that Yoo Jae Suk was just teasing Jong Kook, but still it was a little bit annoying, she was trying hard to forget about her feelings for Jong Kook and just have fun and this made that really difficult.
Luckily at that moment someone of the staff came and informed them the break was over and they would resume filming. They quickly got up and headed back towards the three tables in front of the camera's they sat at earlier.

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Chapter 8: Hey i really liked this story(just like your other ones) i hope i can see what happens with them after this I'm rooting for them a lot :) I hope you countinue
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Chapter 8: Please continue!!!!!!!!!!?
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