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Lost Love

Late that evening Yoo Jae Suk's phone suddenly rang, he grumbled to himself that the caller was lucky he wasn't in bed yet and picked up the phone without taking a good look on the screen. "Hello, this is Yoo Jae Suk." he answered. There was bit of noise and then a far away voice telling someone "Here, we called your friend for you.", "Hyyuuuunngg..." he heard now clearly on the other side, the voice was familiar, but he couldn't place it with the odd tone that accompanied it. "Who is this?" he asked a bit baffled, "It's me! Jong Kookie!" the voice said, still Jae Suk was in doubt, it did sound like him, but it couldn't be because he sounded...drunk.... He took a deep breath "Jong Kook, is that really you? Have you been drinking?" he couldn't believe he was actually asking that to the person in question. A deep sigh and then a sound that sounded like a confirmation came from the other end of the phone. Slowly Jae Suk got a vague idea of what was going on remembering the silent hints he had seen throughout the day "Is it that bad?" he asked sympathetic, "Yes, hyung.." he thought he heard a sob after it, "Ok ok, where are you? I'll come." he asked. He had forgotten his plans about going to bed, if that guy was in this state he had to drop everything and go see him, even if he only could be a listening ear.

Not much later he walked into a pub and immediately spotted the tiger hanging at the bar. When he walked towards him he saw the relieved look from the guy behind the bar, somewhat being able to imagine what it would've been like for the poor guy he felt apologetic "Thanks for calling, i'll take care of him." he told the bartender. "Jong Kook, let's go to that table over there." he then said, pointing to a table standing a bit alone in a corner of the pub, Jong Kook looked up at him with sad puppy eyes. Jae Suk took his arm to help him up and walk towards the table "Oh dear..." he sighed, they made it to the table and he sat Jong Kook down at one of the chairs and took the chair facing the guy himself. "Ok, now tell me, why exactly are you in this state? I do have a slight idea of what it is, but i want to hear it from yourself.".
Jong Kook looked around the table, obviously looking for his drink, Jae Suk slid a glass of water, that the waiter had brought along, towards him "Drink this." he said firmly, Jong Kook luckily nodded his head in agreement. After taking a sip of the water he said "Hyung, why did i let her go?", "Who?" Jae Suk asked in return, "HER" he said like it was obvious who he meant "I liked her. It's been a long time since i really liked a girl you know?", Jae Suk only nodded his head that he knew, Jong kook went on "I know one day is very short to tell if you like someone or not...but i think i REALLY like her." he took a deep breath "But i let her go just like that. Didn't even TRY to make it obvious i kind of liked her, i actually did the contrary and did my best not to show her. Why did i do that hyung?". "Because you are you." Jae Suk dryly answered him, "Yeah." was the sullen reply from Jong Kook. 
Jae Suk already knew who he meant, but just in case he said "You're talking about Shirley, right?", Jong Kook just stared at him for a few seconds, then simply said "yes." and took another sip from his water. "Don't you know where she's staying?" Jae Suk asked hopeful, Jong Kook shook his head "Nope! I only know her given name and what country she's from....won't ever be able to find her again." he let his forehead drop on the table. Jae Suk extended his hand and patted him on his head, he wondered if he should tell Jong Kook his suspicions about Shirley liking him as well "Maybe not, probably would make things even worse for him." he figured in the end, instead he said "Here here...you'll be fine. I know it'll take a while with you...but you'll be fine in the end.". They sat silently like that at the table in the corner of the pub for a while, there was nothing more to say. There was nothing Jae Suk could say to Jong Kook to make him feel better at the moment, once in awhile Jong Kook lifted his head to take a sip of the water and afterward dropped it back on the table.
In the end the bartender apprehensively walked up to them "We're about to close." he carefully said, Jae Suk nodded his head in understanding. "We should go home." he told Jong Kook, "I don't wanna go home." came the muffled reply, "What do you want to do then?" he asked, "I don't know....", Jae Suk sighed again "Do you want to come with me then?" he asked not really wanting to hear the answer, Jong Kook nodded his head, as far as that was possible while laying on the table "Yes." he softly said, "Fine, i'll call ahead to inform them at home and a bed will be made ready for you.", "Thanks Hyung.".
Jae Suk dragged the heavy guy towards his car and took him home, he did feel bad for Jong Kook, was there finally a girl he liked again or better to say, fell head over heels for, was it someone completely unreachable after he realized it. "Whatever must i do with this guy?" he thought to himself, he seriously tried to think of ways to solve this, or help him in any other way, but he couldn't think of anything. In the end he gave up, "Maybe a brilliant idea would come to him after a decent night of sleep".
Jong Kook immediately passed out as soon as he made contact with the bed that Jae Suk's wife had made ready in the guestroom. "Whatever happened to him?" she asked completely stunned at the sight of a drunk Kim Jong Kook, Jae Suk grumbled "Don't ask...to complicated to explain now. Let's just go to bed.".


Shirley lay on the bed in her room at the guesthouse she was staying at, she was totally exhausted, physically and mentally, but for some reason she didn't fall asleep. While she held her name tag she got as a keepsake she stared true the opening in the curtains at the sky, she thought back at all the events of the day. Who could've imagined something like that would actually happen to her, it would be a day she would cherish for the rest of her life. Her mind wandered and she wondered "Would Kim Jong Kook ever think of her or remember her after this? Same go's for Song Ji Hyo, would she ever remember the foreign friend she made for a day?" Shirley sighed "Probably not.". She closed her eyes trying once again to fall asleep, when suddenly her phone rang, grumbling her discontent she sat up and reached for her phone.


The end?

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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Lemonade22 #1
Chapter 8: Hey i really liked this story(just like your other ones) i hope i can see what happens with them after this I'm rooting for them a lot :) I hope you countinue
Mongmongjkjk #2
Chapter 8: Please continue!!!!!!!!!!?
JiHyo_candyalliance #3
Vi mojiti napisat candyalliance stories ?pojalusta !