Opening shoot

A day on Runningman

"PD-nim, what are we going to do today?" Yoo Jae Suk asked excitedly, voicing the question that they all where curious about every time they started filming for Runningman. Each time it was a surprise, and they still couldn't guess what the writers would have in store for them this time.
At that moment Kang Gary walked up to them and took his place besides them. "Kang Gary, what are you doing here?!" Song Ji Hyo and Yoo Jae Suk almost simultaneously yelled seeing the long lost seventh Runningman member standing next to them like nothing had ever changed. "Why? I'm here to film Runningman of course." Gary replied dryly. "Of course you are." Yoo Jae Suk answered rolling his eyes. The PD explained shortly "Kang Gary is today's guest.". Like that the matter of Kang Gary suddenly being there was closed and they moved on like it was any other normal filming day without guests.
"For today's first mission we're in Itaewon, as you all can see, the place where a lot of tourists and foreigners are to be found in Seoul." the PD said, they all nodded while looking around, he continued "Today is a 'Queen-race', three different country's will be competing against each other." he stopped to let it sink in for the Runningman. They kept looking at him, waiting for further explanation, "You'll form three teams, i'll announce the teams now; Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo, Kang Gary and Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook and Haha. Song Ji Hyo will be the first queen, she'll get to pick a team first and will be representing South-Korea of course.".The moment the PD finished saying that it seemed like Yoo Jae Suk slowly began to realize what the plans where and suddenly he leaped towards Ji Hyo and grabbed her arm "Ji Hyo, please be our queen today and join our team?" he almost begged her. Kwang Soo looked at him annoyed "Why Ji Hyo?" he grumbled having hoped they would've gotten a female guest on their team. After contemplating about it for a few second and glaring at Kwang Soo she nodded her head  "Alright." she said simply.

"Ok," the PD said grinning "That means that the other two teams will have to find their own queens representing other country's." A bit hesitant because he began to grasp the situation and already was fearing the answer Kim Jong Kook hopefully asked "There are foreign guests hiding around here?". The PD shook his head "No, you have to find foreign tourists who want to be your queen for today.", even though he already expected an answer like that he gasped, "BUT...but that's impossible! The whole day? How are we supposed to find someone who wants to and can join us for a whole day??!!". Now the remaining members also understood what the plan was and started to protest all together, except for Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo who where laughing out loud at the impossible task the others had to accomplice and where really happy to have Song Ji Hyo.

Ignoring all the protests the PD said "The faster you start looking the quicker you'll be finished. Just to be clear, both teams need to find a queen from different country's.". Haha screamed some things at the PD that would later be covered by beeps or altogether cut from the footage before Jong Kook dragged him of while muttering something under his breath himself. Gary and Suk Jin quickly followed to start the search for a tourist who had nothing better to do than join the Runningman cast for a whole day. It didn't take long or both teams where attracting allot of attention with their camera crew following them, lots of people surrounded them to see what was going on. Kim Jong Kook decided to not waste time and just started to ask every girl or woman he saw if she happened to be a foreigner, luckily his English was pretty good but it didn't help much because everybody he asked turned out to be Korean. 

After about 30 minutes they had encountered two Chinese girls and one Japanese girl, it was still very early in the day so most tourists where probably not yet up and about or only just having breakfast, and as expected none of them where able to join them for the whole day. When they met up with Ji Suk Jin and Kang Gary they heard it was the same for those two, hardly any foreigners to be found. They seriously thought that the writers had had too high expectations this time. Together they decided they would pause the search and  take a break for the time being. After they had their respective cup of coffee or tea they headed out once more and to their relieve they immediately noticed more foreigners on the streets now. With renewed hope and energy both teams went their separate ways again trying to find their queen's. 
It wasn't long after they started searching again that Haha bumped against Jong Kook who had suddenly stopped in front of him, he looked up to see what Jong Kook had seen that made him freeze in his tracks like that. When he followed his hyung's line of sight he noticed a group of four obviously foreign girls in the middle of the crowd that was watching them. The moment Haha spotted the girls Kim Jong Kook his heels and headed towards them, the sudden change of direction surprised the crowd and the camera men alike. Haha had to hurry to catch up with Jong Kook while the crowd quickly made way for the tiger to get true.

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Lemonade22 #1
Chapter 8: Hey i really liked this story(just like your other ones) i hope i can see what happens with them after this I'm rooting for them a lot :) I hope you countinue
Mongmongjkjk #2
Chapter 8: Please continue!!!!!!!!!!?
JiHyo_candyalliance #3
Vi mojiti napisat candyalliance stories ?pojalusta !