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Jongin was drowning.

Between school bills, living expenses and his boyfriends gambling debts, the omega could hardly breathe without stressing about money.

He didn’t have the luxury of being some stay at home omega, who’s only job was the take care of the house and children while their alpha worked all day.

Then he met Oh Sehun, a single alpha dad who hardly paid attention to his own well being, much less a child.

Jungkook was a handful, but Jongin couldn’t give up. There was too much at stake.

But can his heart stand caring for two broken alphas?




You’re just like a Butterfly

From afar, I steal glances at you. If I touch you, will I lose you?

'Butterfly' -BTS



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jonginot12 #1
Chapter 5: Hi please update soon. Wanna know where this story is going
Chapter 5: I reaaaaally really like your stories :3
Galanthus_ #3
Chapter 5: It's pretty interesting to see the conflict emotions that sehun show and am eager to see the interaction of kookie & jongin✨💜
Chapter 5: I fall in love with your story. *-*
I hope Kookie will love Jongin, even in spite of his mother's bad memory. ^^
Chapter 5: Aw that ia good for him. I hope Jongin ang jungkook will get along well. Hope to read more.
Chapter 5: Ahh. He got the job he needed. Now to unlatch the leech Nini will be on his way up.
teufelchen_netty #7
Chapter 4: chan is to good to be true.
i like how ChanKai are.
thanks for the update. i am curious what sehun wants to talk about.
yaay it’s update again? :) niiice!! will read asap