Your #1 Fan

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In a beautiful ocean of adoring fans...there was only one face Sehun could see... 



Too bad, his favorite fan wasn't a fan of his at all. 


Omg! I know, another story. Forgive me! But I just HAD to get this out. It was tearing me apart. Hahaha. 


I know it's corny too, but it's too late. What's done is done. 


Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I'll try to make this a little happier than my other stories. (Won't make any promises though)


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Chapter 2: This is really getting interesting!! Omooo i cant wait for them to meet againnnn. Ughhhh. I cant wait for the next chapter! Thank you authornim for this story!! Will be patiently waiting for you for an update!!
Chapter 2: This is so good ...!!!! Can't wait for more.....

This is great <3
exotic42 #4
Chapter 2: This is amazing,i hope you update soon (∩_∩)
Chapter 2: Omggggg what is going to happen now? I love this already ~ ^^
Chapter 1: Heheheh poor Hunnie <3 this is so cute
Chapter 2: Omg Jongin should already see Sehun's message on his album!!! But aww poor Sehun, his crush is too head over heels to Chanyeol. However, I hope that Sehun could slide into Jongin's DM. Take the chance, Hunnie! Thank you for the update~
451 streak #8
Chapter 2: Aww sehun don't be upset!!! go dm him on his ig acc first!! i wonder how'd jongin react if sehun really does dm him... anddd, thank you for the update!!!
Chapter 2: Message him now Sehun!! I hope that's the real account of your nini bear jongin ^_^