For Life

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Werewolf Sehun knew in his heart that finding his Partner would be the best thing that has ever happened to him. He was disappointed when his human turned out to be a rebellious teenager who hadn't even attained his Gift yet and showed no interest in being tied to Sehun. 

How was Sehun going to protect his pack from Hunters while constantly fighting with a Partner who was hell-bent on getting into trouble? 

Jongin wanted nothing to do with the overbearing wolf and his strict rules. 

They didn't realize just how much their lives depended on their cooperation. 


The storms may come and winds may blow 

I'll be your shelter 

For life.



(EXO- For Life English Version)



Sehun                                                         Chanyeol                                          Jennie


Jongin                                                      Baekhyun                                         Lisa


D.O                                                  Jimin                                                        Tzuyu




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This sounds like I’d be a wonderful sorry can’t wait.
ellie321 #2
Im hwaiting i love rebellious nini huuhu
TomaBal4ever #3
Yes please this sounds perfect