His Knight

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Together, Jongin and Sehun were unstoppable.

Light and Dark, a prince and his loyal servant.

A bond like no other.



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KmJngn88 #1
Chapter 5: This is so good! Please update soon!
Chapter 5: Luhan you !!! Update soon author-nim, pleaaase
TomaBal4ever #3
Chapter 5: Uhhhhh no luhan you how dares he. I hope sehun will deal with this and then kill luhan or something because hes annoying me so much. Anyway, great fanfiction
Chapter 5: Omg,,, where is chanyeok anyway,,,
I hope jongin is fine,,,
Need mooreee,,, TT
Fast update pleace,,,^^
Thank you for this chap authornim<3
ellie321 #5
Chapter 5: Huhuuhu i love this story
sejonglove #6
Chapter 5: ???
Chapter 5: NO SEHUN! Don't do it!!!!!!