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Sehun’s core values in life were loyalty, friendship, and honesty. Having been saved from a rough childhood, Sehun has always felt a strong sense of gratitude toward his best friend, Chanyeol. He would do anything for him. 

When Chanyeol asked him to keep a harmful secret, Sehun is caught between staying true to the man he owes his life to or lying to everyone around him on a daily bases. 

It also doesn’t help that he’s falling for the one person who should be completely off-limits, Jongin...Chanyeol’s husband. 

Life was not supposed to be this complicated. 


"Please...Sehun. Buddy, I'm begging you. I've never asked you for anything in all these years we've known each other," Sehun cringed at the pure devastation in Chanyeol's eyes. This was really tearing him apart. Maybe he really did feel like he had no other choice. 

"I know...I know it sounds bad and it goes against everything you believe in, but I don't...I don't know what else to do, man. I can't leave him alone, he makes me feel so alive. I've never felt like this before." 

Sehun frowned. 

Chanyeol had said the same thing 6 years ago...

"But...I also can't leave Jongin. This would destroy him...I can't...," Chanyeol started to cry again. 

Sehun sighed. This was too much. There was no way he could give Chanyeol an answer right now. With the older being so drunk, he probably wouldn't remember what he said anyway. 

He walked over and grabbed his friend by the shoulder, "Come on, Yeol. Let me take you home. We can talk more tomorrow." 

"NO," Chanyeol yelled, "No! I can't go home. Jongin will be there waiting and I can't face him right now. Not like this." 

Groaning, Sehun helped Chanyeol up, "Okay, okay. You can crash at my place." 

A heavy head fell on Sehun's shoulder, "Thank you, Sehun...you're my best friend. I love you so much...I'm so glad we met." 

The ex-soldier didn't answer. The quiet snores indicated that Chanyeol had fallen asleep.

He loved Chanyeol too. He was his best friend, the closest thing Sehun had as a brother. There was nothing he wouldn't do for the older. 

Or that's what Sehun thought before this. 

Chanyeol had really asked him to help cover up an affair. 

He wanted Sehun to look Jongin in the eyes and convince him that his husband wasn't cheating on him with his secretary. 

He wanted Sehun to look Jongin in the eyes and lie.







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