Personal Message

Hello! I'm a writer here on AsianFanfics. I stan Shinee, Seventeen, Got7, Exo, BTS and Monsta X. I listen to all of them along with other k-pop groups. If you love them like me then hopefully you'll like my stories.

I'm happy to take any requests you send my way. You can request/suggest:

  • Oneshots
  • Fic ideas 
  • Pairings you want me to write about
  • Anything else you want

To do this you can:

  • Leave a comment
  • Direct message me 
  • Speak to me through Tumblr

I'm always happy to speak to anyone about anything, k-pop, fanfictions or otherwise. I'd love to make some friends so don't be shy or nervous, send me a message. I love talking to people. I also have a Tumblr (Lunarmoonshiner) which you can find here. Feel free to message me whenever you want!