The Twist In My Story (Chaennie)


' Since I first laid my eyes on her I knew there was something very unorthodox about Roseanne. I am not saying it's a bad thing, in fact if you ask me it's quiet refreshing to have someone like her in a place like this, but I suppose I am the only one who thinks that way'

Kim Jennie, daughter of a rich business man in South Korea, has grown up in a strict conservative family. Since her childhood Jennie has always been forced to act in a certain way or do only certain things. But it all changes when she meets scholarship student and musician from Australia, Roseanne Park who shows her a different side of life where you live your life for yourself and not by others' expectations. 

This is the tale of rebel 

This is a tale of a forbidden romance


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Chapter 8: This is getting more interesting, that dinner should be something i suppose. Either it will go well or it will be disastrous.

As for my ChaeLisa babies, they should sit down and talk again, sort things out for them both to properly move on. Lisa has tgis great opportunity at an amazing relationship, she shouldnt let it pass.
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Chapter 3: Actually..til now im experiencing or still have parents just like nini's and its really suffocating and i hope nini can get thru it
Chapter 8: Thanks for the chapter, it was interesting. I thought Jennie's mother had discovered them, lol but it wasn't like that. I want to see what happens at the family dinner
Chapter 8: My curiosity is at it's peak
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Chapter 7: My heart aches for Lisa, after what happened she has too many guards up.
Why am i hoping that they will talk about her history test and the A. LOL
Chapter 7: Why do I feel that Lisa told Dean that Jennie is interested in Rosé?
this will be good!!
Chapter 7: I'm wondering if the girl that chae kissed before was Lisa and that's why Lisa was a bit off with Jennie? Im just assuming hehe
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Chapter 6: <3
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Chapter 6: That convo was really useful. Jennie needed that to understand what she is going through and Rosie needed that to validated her emotions.
That kiss was something else i tell you, Rosie was about to fly away if Jennie’s hands weren't on her cheeks and neck lol
Is that girl Rosie mentioned Lisa by any chance??
Chapter 6: I'm very glad they talked, so there were no misunderstandings !!
and although they are not official I love that they already kissed, it was quite nice.
Chaenni is so cute and fluffy!!!
thank u for the chapter, It was really great !