Don't Think About It Too Much


‘It’s over’

‘No, please give me another chance’

‘I can’t. I can never move on past beyond all that you have done’

‘I’ll change! Just give me one more chance please, you will see the change for yourself’

‘No. I can’t. We are done.’

It’s been over a week since she left me, but these words still haunt me everywhere I go. My dreams, my nightmares they all look like her. The first thought every morning and the last, as I cry myself to sleep are all her. I would give just about anything to have all her memories erased from my mind. Sadly it’s not that easy. I ed up and Karma isn’t going to let this slip away until I have suffered enough. But the suffering doesn’t matter. It just really that I found the perfect girl and then lost her.


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hope this book continues...
I can't wait