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Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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[CONTENTID3]“Chaeyoung, are you okay?” when I heard my best friend’s voice, my thoughts halted in an instant as I turned at her and smiled. 

Looking straight to her eyes, “Of course. Why wouldn’t I?” I replied, obviously making myself an idiot in front of her. She gave me a smile too but I knew it wasn’t her usual smile.

“Okay, let’s eat now,” she said and started to eat while I remained immobile, staring at something. In my peripherals, Lisa had noticed; she followed my gazes, looking at a sweet couple few meters away from us; they were eating happily, exchanging spoons and forks while laughing at each other’s craziness—just like us—before.

Lisa sighed and called my name, “Stop hurting yourself. It’s been months when he already left you,” she said, “if I know he would do that to you, I must have kicked his balls when I first met him. He’s the reason why we fought,” and that made me laugh a little.

“A smiling Chaeyoung! A laughing Chaeyoung!” Lisa exclaimed, “That’s what I want. Please continue doing that,” she said as soon as she resumed eating. I smiled.

I watched my best friend, without touching my food. “Lisa,” I called and she raised her brow at me, “why don’t you get a boyfriend for yourself? So that you’ll know how good it feels,”

“For what? For decoration?” I laughed at her remark, but she remained steadfast, “Chaeyoung, I don’t like to get hurt. I may love someone but I don’t want to get hurt,” she said with emphasis on each word, as if taking some curse along with those words.

Smiling, I tapped her shoulder, “Lisa, loving someone without getting hurt is not love at all,” I muttered but she only rolled her eyes at me.

Laughing at her again, we continued eating as we started talking about random things.

“Oh my, who’s that?” someone exclaimed near our table; Lisa and I refrained from our topic and turned our heads to the girl sitting next to our table.

“He’s smoking hot!” another girl, which I presumed her friend, exclaimed.

“Too bad, he’s not from our school!”

My forehead creased, “What are they talking about?” I asked Lisa who was also curious. She just shrugged in reply as we continued eating again. A few minutes later, another girl near our table ( which was from a different table this time ) shouted.

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Chapter 9: ah it's so painful.. Yet im loving the angst more and more
Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Is that guy Jaehyun ? I'm sure he is right?
Anyways, just finally get to catch up to your latest chap, love love your story!
I'm looking forward for more definitely
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ordinarygirlxxx #5
Chapter 8: I really lovee this storyyy. It’s sooo goood
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Chapter 1: Its only the prologue but already soo good
Angie_la13 #8
Chapter 4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thank you so much for the update hope your birthday was filled with lots of happiness!!
Chapter 3: another jaerosé story to look forward to! I'm loving it so far ;-)