chapter four

Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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“Here,” he said, handling Chaeyoung a cup of milk mixed with little coffee. He sat on a chair, parallel to hers. A little coffee table was placed in front of them, making itself the divider.

“I thought you won’t come back anymore. The last time we met—”

“Hush, Chaeyoung.” he said, making the lady to shut . “As I’ve said, after a month, I’ll be coming back right?”

Chaeyoung took her drink, “I thought you were mad,” before she reached a sip on it.

“Just your thought,”

“I’m sorry if the last time you came wasn’t a very good memory. I’m sorry I forgot your birthday,”

“You’re still my sister,” Jimin said, as if those words were enough to wash away all her guilt.

“Why were you crying in front of the cafeteria? And by the way, is your boyfriend treating you good? How’s he?” his multiple questions were shot like a thud. A question after a question. And Chaeyoung couldn’t seem to contain any of those as the vivid memories kept coming back inside her head. She just wanted to forget all of those, at once.

“Let’s not talk about it now. I wanna rest,”

“Dad’s asking you to go home,” Jimin said directly, “For Christmas,”

Chaeyoung didn’t respond onto that. She stood up and went towards her room, feeling all drained after everything she had been through. She even thought to just not attend any of her classes tomorrow and just stay on her bed all day. A certain person flashed in her mind when she thought about school, she became glum as she hugged her favorite pillow. Slowly, she let her thoughts to drift away as she fell into a deep slumber.

“Yes, I already said that to her but she didn’t give anything as a response,” it was Jimin’s gloomy voice Chaeyoung had heard the moment she opened the door. “Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about it,”

After a moment, the room was filled with silence then she guessed that the call has already ended. It was her cue to come out of her room.

“Tell Dad I won’t be coming home,”


“Confidential,” she turned to stare at his eyes, “I just wanted to stay here in Seoul for the rest of my Christmas break,”

“Didn’t you miss him though?”

“Of course I do.”

“Then go home,”

“As I said, I can’t,”

“Why so?” his brows shot up, “Don’t crank me down with that confidential-thingy Chaeyoung,”

“I promise I’ll go home but just not this time...” her voice cracked and she hopefully prayed that her brother didn’t notice that.

“Okay,” Jimin replied nonchalantly.

Chaeyoung’s eyes bulged like a full moon; slightly prompting her self to wake up from her reverie, “Okay?” she asked, her voice was laced with puzzlement.

“Yes,” it came out almost a whisper, “I’ll tell Dad about it.”

“You won’t force me or anything?”

“If that’s your decision, I should respect.”

As she pursed her lips into thin lines, she immediately got up from her seat the moment she saw the line getting diminished. She was actually waiting for almost ten minutes for the inlined students inside the canteen to decrease in quantity. And right when she finally got the right time, she quickly picked her turn as she scintillatingly smiled at the old woman who was serving the food she had ordered.

Even after the whole snack time when Chaeyoung had finally gotten their break, she was still in full thoughts about her brother being that way. It seemed like he wasn’t her brother at all. What he said left a question mark inside her mind.

She carried the tray along the way back to her seat but before she could even put it down on the table, something—or rather someone collided into her which immediately resulted into a stunning moment that made Chaeyoung to shout when the kimchi soup left a stain on her white uniform.

She heard someone mutter a curse followed with an apology as she turned to face whom it was. Her brows were like a knit when she noticed the guy was wearing a uniform admitted from a different university.

“I’m sorry,” the guy reiterated, “I was just really in a hurry,”

“Oh it’s fine,” Chaeyoung replied, “I have lots of these anyway,” pertai

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