chapter two

Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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As soon as they’ve both seated inside a bistro café, which was not so far from Chaeyoung’s apartment, they chose to order hot chocolates since it was raining outside. She may be reluctant about them meeting up tonight, but this day was a special day and she shouldn’t let this pass for she didn’t want her boyfriend to get upset.

“Happy first monthsary, Jae,” she mumbled while smiling at him; expecting he would say the reciprocal, he didn’t.

Pursing her lips into thin lines, she placed the wet umbrella on the corner of the table when she noticed he didn’t bring one. “You have your car with you? You didn’t bring an umbrella,” she smilingly asked when she espied his jaw that was taut clenched.

Her forehead creased, “Jae?” she called, “Why aren’t you talking? We should be catching up right now because we haven’t seen each other for weeks. And today’s our first month of being together yet you aren’t talking to me. Is there something wrong?” she reiterated his name.

Her forehead creased even more the moment he spoke. “I’m sorry,” he said as he closed his eyes.

Chaeyoung’s lips parted when her breathing suddenly stopped for about a second or two. She could clearly see the lad was being indifferent and her thoughts had become fallacious about the current situation.

“Sorry for what?” she asked and reached for his balled fists that were placed on the top of the table. She jokingly laughed when she felt the atmosphere seemed too heavy, “You know what? Why don’t we drink our hot chocolates first? It’s getting cold, you see,” she suggested as soon as she had removed her hands from his fists.

But when she was about to drink her hot chocolate, he suddenly closed his eyes again—that made her forehead to crease.

She espied his face and saw his taut clenched jaw once more. When she traveled her eyes down to his fists, his veins were already protruding. “What’s wrong, Jae? Do you have a problem? You know you can always tell me,”

Opening his eyes, he directly looked at her girlfriend, “I’m sorry, Chae.” her pessimistic thoughts were already commencing inside her head but she chose to be oblivious about it.

Jaehyun lowered his head smidgen, “But please let me go, let’s breakup.” 

And how she wished those morbid thoughts of hers weren’t right. How she wished.

For a fleeting moment, she lost for words. She didn’t know what to say. Chaeyoung was totally stoned on her seat; her eyes went a tad wide as they began to become watery. She shook her head, as if saying to herself that what he had said, he did

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