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Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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[CONTENTID3] On my way home, I was walking alone since Lisa was absent today. She said she was feeling sick but I guess she’ll be back tomorrow. I know her, she doesn’t like to be absent in class.

As I continued walking, I busied myself kicking the rock I found somewhere on the side road when a bunch of school boys hindered my way. There were four of them and based with their uniforms, they came from an another elite school.

“Hey you,” the one who was the tallest among of them called; the moment he spoke, I immediately smelled the scent of an alcoholic beverage coming from his mouth.

Covering my nose, the tallest laughed and the other three boys followed his laughter, “Why are you covering your nose, huh?” the tallest asked while gritting his teeth. I studied his face and he looked foreign to me.

He isn’t Korean. I said at the back of my mind while continued staring at him. I’m sure of that.

“Are you insulting me?” he continued, stepping towards me as he placed his forefinger on my forehead—that made me to take a step back, letting my hand to fall down as I inhaled the strong scent of alcohol.

He continued pushing my forehead with his forefinger as I took another step back and was about to run away when he forcefully grabbed my right arm, “And where do you think you’re going?” he asked and a boisterous laughter came after—that made my goosebumps to rise.

My heart was beating so fast and for me, I thought that was already the end of my life. What am I gonna do?

I roamed my eyes around the streets but everything seemed so quiet. There were even no vehicles passing by. It’s so weird that this thing happened to me when there are no people whom I can ask help for.

Closing my eyes, I remained silent as I hoped for a miracle to happen. My mind was constantly calling for all the names of saints already. I was mentally praying the Korean prayers in English.

My eyes were half-opened when the tallest one commanded the other three, “Hold her,” and th

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Chapter 9: ah it's so painful.. Yet im loving the angst more and more
Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Is that guy Jaehyun ? I'm sure he is right?
Anyways, just finally get to catch up to your latest chap, love love your story!
I'm looking forward for more definitely
Chapter 6: Awww it's her brother's birthday
Chapter 4: Why Jaehyun makes such decision, why did he do that :((
ordinarygirlxxx #5
Chapter 8: I really lovee this storyyy. It’s sooo goood
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Chapter 1: Its only the prologue but already soo good
Angie_la13 #8
Chapter 4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thank you so much for the update hope your birthday was filled with lots of happiness!!
Chapter 3: another jaerosé story to look forward to! I'm loving it so far ;-)