Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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[CONTENTID3]It was a cold and breezy night when Chaeyoung came out from her apartment. Frustration wrapped her whole being when she tried to sleep but can’t. That’s why she has decided to go for a walk just for a little while.

She quickly grabbed her jacket and went to the main door. As she closed the door behind her, she immediately secured the keys inside the pocket of her thick jacket.

Blowing some hot breath from to her palms, she rubbed them both to feel warm and started walking after. The cold wind blew from somewhere and it made the strands of her hair to sway, covering her face a little. Using one hand, she grabbed all the strands of her hair and used her hair tie, which was placed on her another free hand, to take them all in one place.

After she tied her hair, she blew out a little gasp as she saw a puddle just few inches away from her feet. Thankfully, she hasn’t stepped on it yet. She quickly galloped and started walking again. When she already saw the lamp post, a smile crept on her face because no one was sitting on the bench next to it. Immediately, she ran towards the bench and sat on it.

She took out her phone from her jacket’s pocket, “Oh, it’s still eleven,” she said when she noticed the time plastered on the screen. “I can stay for a little while,” she uttered in a low voice as she roamed her eyes around, returning her phone back inside to her pocket. When she looked at the dark skies and the mysterious yet harmonious place, the cold night was becoming more livid. Even though her jacket was thick, she can already feel the cold air getting on her skin. She pursed

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Chapter 9: ah it's so painful.. Yet im loving the angst more and more
Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Is that guy Jaehyun ? I'm sure he is right?
Anyways, just finally get to catch up to your latest chap, love love your story!
I'm looking forward for more definitely
Chapter 6: Awww it's her brother's birthday
Chapter 4: Why Jaehyun makes such decision, why did he do that :((
ordinarygirlxxx #5
Chapter 8: I really lovee this storyyy. It’s sooo goood
ordinarygirlxxx #6
ordinarygirlxxx #7
Chapter 1: Its only the prologue but already soo good
Angie_la13 #8
Chapter 4: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thank you so much for the update hope your birthday was filled with lots of happiness!!
Chapter 3: another jaerosé story to look forward to! I'm loving it so far ;-)