chapter seven

Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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Chaeyoung took a step before she started twisting the door knob. Exhaling a breath, she decided to take a knock instead. A few more seconds had passed before the door opens.  For a moment, she was stoned. Jaehyun was standing in front of her with his chest and she has nothing left with her but a dropped jaw. “Oh you’re here already, I thought it’s gonna be ten in the morning?” Jaehyun had asked while tousling his own hair. It was obvious that he just came from his sleep. 

While on the other hand, Chaeyoung, she was still gaping at the hombre. Silently searching for the words she wanted to say but nothing came out. “Uh…” she fiddled her fingers and looked away, “Actually… there’s a sudden change of decision,”

“What was it?” he probed, “Wait, don’t you want to get inside first? It’s cold—”

“No,” she immediately answered, “the decision was made by Dad,” she looked at his eyes, “we’re going back to Seoul today,” 

Jaehyun’s forehead creased, making him to stand still. He didn’t have the courage to say what’s running inside his mind because again, she already said that they’ll be going back to Seoul depending to his father’s decision. He must not argue with that, as what he had thought.

Feigning a hurt in his eyes, he looked at Chaeyoung as if indirectly saying that there must be a way to stop her father’s decision but to the latter—she wasn’t fazed with his puppy eyes at all, she was actually thinking of an another reason; that he was doing that just to make a cute face. 

Jaehyun was left sighing before he came with a conclusion, “Okay, as if I have something to stop it. I’ll just see you when the class starts?” Chaeyoung nodded, obviously had nothing to say anything anymore. She couldn’t wait for the Christmas season to come into a halt. 

The cold wind coming from the seas enveloped her skin and it made her hair to sway. In a blink, Jaehyun’s face was already inches away from her. It was so fast and she didn’t see it coming when Jaehyun touched her cheek, slowly moving away some strands of her hair, making her to see his full appearance. And calling him handsome was an understatement because for her, he was more than that—beyond of that. “I love you,” Jaehyun said, darting his eyes towards Chaeyoung’s, “and it won’t ever change. Don’t think that it will.”

The memory has ended with her lips slightly touching to his. That was the first time she had a chaste yet a sweet kiss. And Chaeyoung couldn’t stop thinking about it because until now, it was still the best memory for her. His words and kisses, never she would ever forget those. Jaehyun was really making her to love him even more and she was afraid with the fact that it was a successful plan of his. Even though she loves him, she couldn’t just shrug off the fact that he had once broke her heart. Though he had, she was willing to fix it on her own, without him as a supporter. She was okay with it but now that the affection she was feeling had become enormous, she was already afraid. Too frightened that he might do it once again and when that happens, she won’t have the courage to fix her own heart anymore. She was just hoping that the second chance she has given, he won’t waste it.

“Why did you drag me out of my roo

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