chapter six

Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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[CONTENTID1]chapter six[/CONTENTID1][CONTENTID2]LAST ACE[/CONTENTID2][CONTENTID3]“You’re late,” that was the thing had welcomed Chaeyoung the moment she stepped inside their hotel room.

“Why, do we have a meeting?” she cooly asked, her bright smile wasn’t leaving on her face as she slowly closed the door behind her.

“I said that you should sleep but you didn’t,” his voice was laced with annoyance, “and what time is it? It’s already lunch time, Chaeyoung and you didn’t eat your breakfast,” 

“I’ve eaten, don’t worry about it,” she said, darting her eyes towards her brother, “You should’t act this way,”

“I’m your brother,” he said with a different tone she wasn't used to, “and where did you eat you breakfast?”

Shutting her eyes closed, she mentally grunted before she turned her lips into thin lines. She opened her eyes again and just stared at him when he said some things that he has been telling over and over again for the past five days being freed from the hospital, “Look Chaeyoung, you just came out from the hospital and you should follow the Mr. Kim’s orders,”

“I’ve had enough rest, okay? I just wanted to go out to see the beach,”

“You can always go out there but not during at dawn,”

“Enough with these, it’s tiring to have you acting like that, Jimin. I’m going to take a shower,” she said, shutting him out as she directly went inside her room, grabbing some clothes with her. Since they’re staying in a resort as of the moment, everything she’ll need inside the bathroom, all of them were already offered by the staffs. As soon as she went out, Jimin was standing in front of her and his hands were crossed. She threw him a glare, indirectly saying a ‘What?’

“Let’s talk again when you’re already sane,” he said before he walked out, letting himself out of the room and leaving Chaeyoung behind, flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe it, her brother has fondness of walking out.

A small mocking laugh had escaped from Chaeyoung’s lips before she went inside the bathroom. She placed her clothes, hanging them on a clothing rack before she started walking towards the shower room. She had always loved taking a bath using a shower room than the bath tub because she was already used to it. Ever since she was born in this world.

Turning the shower on, she immediately felt the cold waters rushing down onto her skin. Closing her eyes, she couldn’t stop the small smiles on her face when she remembered something. It was just out of a sudden and it has always been like that. Every time her mind’s free and wasn’t thinking of anything, there’s always a certain person that would come inside to occupy it. Even by the time she was hurt, she didn’t forget him. Even by the time he had broken her heart, he still lingered inside her mind, thinking about the possible reasons why he had to leave her during that time. But right now, it didn’t matter anymore. Now that she had confessed her feelings and it turned out he was feeling the same, reasons won’t matter anymore. We still love each other, that’s the only thing matters, she had thought, brushing the body soap onto her skin. The small smiles didn’t leave Chaeyoung’s lips when the memory from earlier crossed her mind.

“So, where’s Taeyong?” she asked, a small grin was currently escaping from her lips, “You said he’s with you—”

“That was a lie,” he answered, cutting her words. “I’m alone,”

Knew it, she had thought while mentally smiling so idiotic.

“You’re stalking me, aren’t you?” she smilingly asked. It was obvious that he was because how on Earth he would come to Incheon.

“What, of course not,” he inwardly said, “I just happened to want some relaxation and so I came here,” she didn’t buy his excuse thinking that there’s a lot of resorts in Seoul.

Chaeyoung veered her eyes to look at him but the latter was vehemently hiding his face from her sight, “Why are you looking away?”

“Nothing, just don’t look at me,”

“Wait, your face is s

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