chapter three

Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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[CONTENTID1]chapter three[/CONTENTID1]


[CONTENTID3]When Chaeyoung had come back from her deep thoughts down to her senses, she stared at the nearing figure. She immediately went hysterical when she realized they were already inches apart but of course, she kept that to herself. Her system was triggering as she remained frozen the moment he only walked past over her. Her eyes widened with the thought of their skin were almost touching; blowing a little air when their shoulders bumped smidgen.

For a fleeting second, “Jaehyun!” when she heard a girly voice, she immediately went immobile.

As if on cue, she directly went to Lisa’s face, without looking at the lad anymore. “We should go now,” she said, wringing her best friend’s arm in a taut.

“What the hell are you doing Park Chaeyoung?” Lisa unbelievably asked while emanating a dark demeanor, as if she was accusing her best friend about something.

“Lisa...” she called, signaling a warning.

“Chaeyoung, what do you expect for me to do? Just ignore? What? It has been only a week! He left you a week ago and now he has another girl? How dare he—” Lisa shot back as she was about to get away from Chaeyoung’s hold when the latter wrung her arm even more. That made Lisa to scream as they had harnessed all the attention of people inside the cafeteria, including Jaehyun.

Chaeyoung got frozen but Lisa. The latter gathered all her wit to look at Jaehyun, who was actually looking at them already, before she had decided to shout at him. “You friggin’ bastard! How dare you—“ her following words were already eaten when Chaeyoung covered as she pulled her best friend outside the cafeteria.

“What the— Chaeyoung— Why did you—” Lisa’s words were unclear because Chaeyoung’s hand was at the top of , still covering it.

“Seriously, Chaeyoung? What were you thinking?!” Lisa shouted right after her best friend removed her hand.

“What?! Let me ask you that Lisa, what were you thinking?! Did you want to make a scandalous behavior?!” Chaeyoung shot back. Just like Lisa, she was also acting oblivious about the people on the street who was already looking at the

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