chapter one

Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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[CONTENTID1]chapter one[/CONTENTID1]

[CONTENTID2]EVANESCENT MEMORIES[/CONTENTID2][CONTENTID3] The students in the canteen made Chaeyoung and Lisa to groan when they saw the line was too long. “We need to go out,” said Lisa, pouting her lips. “I’m already hungry, Chaeyoung. I need to eat as soon as possible! I can’t wait any longer!”

Without waiting for Chaeyoung’s reply, Lisa hurriedly pulled her best friend out from the campus as they went to the nearest cafeteria.

“Ah, thank heavens, they sell gamjatang here!” Lisa exclaimed as soon as she seated, placing her tray of food on the table that includes rice and gamjatang. That made Lisa’s best friend to smile. Chaeyoung on the other hand, followed suit as she carefully placed her pork bulgogi and kimchi on the table, removing the tray and placing it to the side table.

“So, what was your dream about?” asked Lisa while they were in the middle of eating.

When Chaeyoung remembered it again, she was stunned for a second but eventually acted oblivious, “Just nothing,” she lied.

“You almost fell from the chair earlier; Mrs. Yu even scolded you and it was nothing?!” her voice raised a little so Chaeyoung gave her a look, signaling Lisa that people might be looking at them.

“Sorry,” said Lisa in a low voice. As she ducked down her head a little, “But you really need to tell me!” she continued to say in much lower voice, as if whispering already but her best friend only shook her head. She didn’t want to remember it anymore.

“Really, Lisa, that was nothing,” she sighed, “I just dreamt that I was in a magical place. Somehow it looked like a paradise. Not a big deal. You know how dreams appear,” she continued to eat but she can see in her peripherals that her best friend wasn’t.

Lisa gave her a knowing look with eyebrows going up and down, “I don’t think so,” she said, still giving the knowing look at Chaeyoung even though the latter wasn’t looking at her, “I don’t believe you,” Lisa added.

Chaeyoung raised her head to look at Lisa, refraining from eating, “Then better believe it,” she said and that made Lisa to laugh.

“Okay, fine. You won’t tell me,” Lisa replied in resign, “But I know something more had happened,” she said and it made Chaeyoung to halt. That mad

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