chapter five

Breakup Chronicles ┋ chaeyoung × jaehyun
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The cool sea breeze spanked another wave just when Chaeyoung tried to catch her flowing hair with one hand. Her other free hand was playing the cold water. As she looked up, the scorching sun has already risen.

I couldn’t believe that I survived without sleeping. She had thought as she removed her gaze from the sun, now looking at the horizon.

Chaeyoung leaned back, making her both hands as a support. The tiny bits of sands were fast enough to stick onto her palms. She didn’t mind it though for she was savoring the moment.

Now, this is what I want. She had thought, closing her eyes. The cold water spanking onto her bare feet was beyond relaxing. It has been a long time since she felt this way, she was more than ecstatic. Fresh air was sticking onto her skin and that’s what she wanted. It took her a few minutes to stay with her position when someone called her name, making her to open her eyes a little.

“Dad’s calling for our breakfast,” he said, making her to remember last night’s errand—she didn’t take anything inside her stomach even until now. “You didn’t sleep, did you? The doctor said that you should take proper rest. Stop being stubborn, will you?”

“I love watching the sea and the sunrise,” she answered, completely ignoring the words coming out from her brother’s mouth. While twisting her body for her to stand up, she directly looked into her brother’s eyes; that was emanating nothing but neutrality. Pursing her lips into thin lines, she swayed her way to face the sea once more; just a right time when her left hand happened to get stick with the silk of cloth she was wearing—that was then she noticed that she got her dress wet. “I need to take a shower first,”

“I think to take a rest first is a better idea,” his eyebrows were scrunched a little—which made her to laugh at his reaction.

“Sleeping after showering is the best,” she countered.

But instead, before she had seen his retreating back, the crashes of waves were heard first than his voice in reply. 

Now, look at this guy. She had thought. He never changed at all. She watched Jimin’s back for a quite moment before she turned to face the vastness of the ocean and the blues, she once smiled as a memory flashed right into her mind; the memory that she won’t be able to forget—not in this lifetime. 

A white ceiling welcomed her when she opened her eyes. The disturbing light coming from the fluorescent struck right into her irises which made her to cover her face using her hand, but before she could covered her face, she felt something around her wrists. Her forehead creased when she saw a little transparent tube attached at the back of her palm with a tape on it.

Her eyes were left squinted when a loud thud coming from somewhere distracted her senses. As she turned to look at where it came from, the door was already widely opened, revealing a spontaneous person she had never prayed to see.

From squint-eyed, her orbs immediately turned into full circles as she tried to regain her composure. Even so she was trying hard, it wasn’t enough to make herself smile nor to remain as fine as good.

She just couldn’t. Trying was already a hard task for her; she was already sick of it. She was making herself to be part with everything. To be loved by everyone. She was trying; she already tried, she just couldn’t.

Instead, a frown was immediately formed on her face; her heart began to race and she couldn’t feel her own breathing as it became hitching. Suddenly, the two figures were starting to emanate worry on each of their faces. Then she just found out that they were looking at her shaking body.

Jimin couldn’t speak; Chaeyoung remained frozen as her father

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