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Coming from a bad break-up with her longtime relationship and wanting to move on with her life, Dara meets Jiyong. A young heir who was known for being hot-headed, party-goer, playboy and the list goes on. Jiyong falls in love with the broken Dara and helps her slowly pick up the pieces in her life. Dara's world changes and after so many struggles her life has finally come back to normal and she becomes happy and contented. But, just when she thought her life was finally going forward, the man who broke her and made her miserable suddenly comes back and tries to win her back. 

Will she choose to go back and give him another chance or will she continue to move forward leaving the past behind?






I froze at the mention of my name.




I haven’t heard that name for a long time.




Not that I have plans to meet the people who calls me that.




I stared blankly at the man who said it.




“It is you!




. What is he doing here?




He was about to run to me and give me a hug but my assistant beat him to it as she ran pass him.




“Chief!!!!”She came into a halt in front of me panting while fixing her head set.




“Hayi why is it whenever I see you it looks like you always got out of war?"




“Sorry Chief. But it’s just that a lot has happened it the last three hours that I am- Oh Director Kim!”




She bowed at the man who was listening behind her.




Why is he still here?




“Hello Ms. Lee! Hello Sandy!” He smiled brightly at us.




“Oh, you know Chief?”




“Uhm from way back!” I suddenly blurted out. Oh please please make him go away now.




“Ah.. sinchayo?” Hayi said slowly thinking about it when she snapped back her mood again into panic mode.“Anyways chief! The representative from the security company we hired has arrived and will be doing their presentation in a few.”




Thank heavens! An escape path!




“Great! Now let’s go and meet them!”




“You already did Chief! Mr. Kim here, is one of the representatives of the agency.” Hayi informed me.




I think I heard my world break into millions of glass pieces.




There must be some mistake. This cannot be happening.




Millions of people in South Korea and YG hires Kim Jaejoong?





The one and only man who chose to break my heart.

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