Chapter 1 - Broken and Lost

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Chapter One


September 2014...

Random Parking lot in Hongdae



“Sorry. It’s not working for me anymore.”



I stared at the road ahead.



I just got back from a two week break in Canada.



Before I left we already talked that we’d used this time apart to think and contemplate what we really want to happen in our relationship.



Well, while I was solidifying my feelings. He was breaking his.



“While you were away. I met this girl...”



The you did.



“I don’t know where this will take us. But we match well.”



Like hell you do.



“When I talk to her it’s like she was you, years back. When I first met you.”



I seriously want to beat you up. The only thing that’s stopping me is that I don’t need the drama right now.



“Why aren’t you saying anything?”



I didn’t look at him. I just kept staring on the empty parking lot.



6 years. Is he really telling me he’s letting go of our 6 years just cause he met a girl whom he thinks he matches well with him?



I should’ve listened to Park Bom.



For sure Dongwook would wreak havoc once he hears this.



“Aren’t you even going to say something?”



I snapped back to reality.



“What do you want me to say?



“I don’t know.”



Seriously? Wait. Does he think I’m going to beg him to stay? Again. Dara three years ago would’ve done that but no. After our last break up drama I made a promise to myself that I’d never beg anyone to stay in my life.



“What do you want me to say?” I asked again.



I cannot believe this idiot is dumping me. Again. For the nth time.



He hesitated for a bit before saying. “Honestly I don’t know.”



I can’t believe my heart is breaking because of this idiot who doesn’t even seem to care that he is breaking my heart yet again.



“I’m tired J. If you want to end it, let’s end it. I don’t want to beg anymore. Clearly after 6 years I think I deserve to be treated better than this.”








“You ok?” Dongwook asked as he gave me a can of beer.



We sat by the gutter at the parking lot of Seoul Medical Hospital.



Am I ok?



“I actually don’t know what I’m feeling right now.” I sighed.



Silence took over as we both took a sip of our beer.



After a few minutes a car parked beside mine and my girl bestfriend came rushing out.



“I came as soon as I read your message.” Bom said sitting beside me.



“How’s your dad?” she asked me.



“He’s fine. He got out of surgery a couple of hours ago.”I answered.



“How’s your heart?”



I didn’t answer. I just stared blankly straight ahead.


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