Chapter 3: Chance

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“Why am I here?” Dongwook asked feeling out of place as the team are already starting their dinner.


“Because they invited you. And there’s a high chance that if Dara didn’t go their leader won’t buy us dinner.” Bom whispered. “So, you two just have your meeting here.”


Dongwook chuckled. Bom and food. There’s no arguing to that.


“Oh! The pasta alfredo taste great!” Daesung said as he let the taste linger in his mouth.


“The diablo isn’t bad either. You have good food here Dara-ssi.” Top agreed complimenting Dara.


“Thank you.” Dara smiled.


Dara started discussing with him the figures and data regarding another branch of the restaurant she wanted to open with another friend near Hongdae. Dongwook is hesitant about it as the other partner might ran away again leaving Dara struggling. AGAIN.


Dara however is very much excited at the thought of expanding that she really is persistent in getting Dongwook to agree.


“I’m not sure about this Dara. Here you go again getting all hyped up.” Dongwook warned her. He was cutting the steak meat into small pieces and when finished he exchanged plates with Dara so that she won’t have to cut it herself.


“That’s why I’m asking your opinion and if you could just study the data. This might actually work. If you don’t say yes I won’t do it anyways.” Dara insisted as she took the breadstick from his plate.


They place food on each other’s plates. They eat food from each other’s plates. He touches her very comfortably. Are they together? Jiyong busily thought to himself as he observed the two people seated across from him.


Dongwook, Dara and Bom had been friends for a long time and they are like siblings to each other already. That’s why sometimes their actions towards each other are being misunderstood by other people who are not familiar with them. Which is exactly what is going on in that dinner table as Jiyong won’t stop staring at the two.


“So, I’m wondering. Are we done with your project?” Daesung finally asked clearing the air from what seemed to be going to an akward situation.


“We’re just starting. There’s a lot more waiting to be changed.” Bom answered him.


“There’s a lot more social work to do. We’re looking to organizations overseas to which we can go to and participate. Yongbae we can organize a fundraising with you and Daesung through a marathon. We are preparing the proposals and will present it on Monday. Right Dara?”


Everybody turned to Dara who was busy whispering something to Dongwook.


“YAH!” Bom called her again getting her attention.




Bom rolled her eyes. It was always like this with Dara and Dongwook they get into their conversations and sometimes even ending up fighting.


“I said we’re finishing up the proposal for the next project and we’re presenting it on Monday. Right?”


“Oh yeah.” Dara answered half-heartedly and went back to discussing things with Dongwook.


“You know it’s kinda rude that you’re not talking to us.” Jiyong suddenly blurted out and the room went from silent to eerie silent.


CL who was seated next to Dara pinched her arm.


“Ouch. What?” Dara turned and looked at CL who was signaling her to look at Jiyong. By now the whole table is just exchanging glances from Jiyong back to Dara back to Jiyong.


I’m going to get indigestion with this. Seungri thought as he waited for a reaction from his hyung.


“We’re celebrating. Can’t what you’re talking about wait till after dinner?” Jiyong said sounding annoyed.


Seunghyun watched with enthusiasm as he looked at Yongbae and raised an eyebrow. Yongbae just shook his head in disbelief. Jiyong really likes the girl. They concluded.


“Well, uhm, that’s why I told you I couldn’t join you.”  Dara answered firmly.


Bom wanted to strangle Dara for being too comfortable in this situation.


“And I told you I want you in this dinner.” Jiyong insisted further.


“And I’m here.” Dara answered back.


“But not your full attention.” Jiyong retorted.


“Oh-kay.” Chaerin said trying to stop the weird situation.


“Hyung.” Daesung helped by trying to calm his hyung down but the two are both stubborn.


“Ok. I’m here. You have my attention what is it?” Dara said not understanding why Jiyong is being hard on her.


“I like you.”


F-R-O-Z-E-N. Everybody froze at the three words that Jiyong just blurted out. They all turned to look at Dara’s reaction and the woman turned pale white.


“Uhm. What?”


“Don’t make me say it again.” Jiyong said taking a sip of his soju.


“He said he likes you.” Dongwook whispered to Dara who looked like she was struck by lightning.


“You’re going to be our noona!!!! You’re going to be the first woman in our family after a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Seungri shouted with excitement and so the teasing of the boys began.


Suddenly the room was filled with laughter and shouting and teasing but Dara and Jiyong were both seated eyes glued on each other.


What did you do? Dara thought as she stared at him.

The heck did I do. Jiyong thought as he stared back.




Dara and Jiyong sat across each other with just a few dim lights open as the restaurant is now closed. The others left already because they wanted to have some drinks somewhere else and thought that the two have a lot to talk about.


An awkward silence enveloped between the two of them.


What do I say? Dara thought.


You just had to go out and be jealous don’t you Kwon? Jiyong regret saying it out loud as soon as he blurted it out.


A few more minutes have passed and the two didn’t say anything and just stared at the glass of water each was holding.


“I meant it you know.” Jiyong finally broke his silence.


Dara looked at him with a serious face. I know. That’s why it’s more scary.


“I’m not quite sure what you want me to do.” Dara told him.


Jiyong looked at her and understood what she meant.


She’s still not over him?


“Jiyong-ssi, I’m touched? Is that the right term? I’m a bit happy that a successful businessman like you have taken the time to like a normal person like me. Who wouldn’t feel special about that right?” Dara started to reveal her true feelings about what happened.  “But you see, I’m not being arrogant about this, but I honestly don’t know what you want me to do about what you just revealed.”


“Nothing.” Jiyong answered. “I just said that I like you.”


“Jiyong-ssi you’re my boss’s grandson that pretty much technically makes you also my boss. I’m not sure how you expect me to react about it.” Dara said.


“Look, if you’re scared of dating that’s fine. I just said it out loud that I like you.” Jiyong told her calmly.


Is it that obvious? Dara thought to herself.


“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t like Dara-ssi. I told you I like you that’s it. I want to know you better. True. But I do not want to force you to feel or do anything you do not want to.” Jiyong explained.


“Seriously Jiyong-ssi I’m not being arrogant about this. I’m just being honest, I came from a bad break-up and honestly the very thought of falling in love with someone terrifies me.” Dara revealed. Better to drop the bomb first.


I know. Jiyong answered in his mind. He has been observing Dara ever since the drunk incident and had her followed and he knows for a fact that she keeps herself busy just because she doesn’t want to remember her ex-boyfriend nor does she want to be sad about it.


“I’m not offended Dara-ssi. I’m happy we get to be honest with each other. If you’re not ready I will wait. But I want to ask a favor from you.”


Dara looked at him waiting for his favor.


“Don’t stop me from being friends with you and don’t stop me from getting to know you.”


The two of them stared at each other before Dara smiling and nodding.




A week after…


President’s Conference Room


“Good morning.” President Yang greeted as he walks in the meeting room.


The girls stood up and bowed their heads.


“Good morning sir.”


Jinu, Sean and the five boys who were across the table bowed their heads and greeted as well.


Everyone took their seat and waited for YG to talk. Jiyong on the other hand is busy texting someone.


“So, I’m very happy that the boys are getting good reviews now. The board is pleased about this and I am too.” YG announced smiling brightly at them.


Morning. Ms. Park. Dara received a text message from Jiyong.


With a poker face Dara looked slowly at Jiyong who all smiles at her.


The President started asking Jinu about other matters but Dara couldn’t concentrate because Jiyong won’t stop sending text messages.


Have you eaten your breakfast yet?


Wanna have coffee after this?


Why are you ignoring me Park?


Dara hid her phone beneath the table and replied to him before her phone explodes from all the messages.


What’s wrong now?


Nothing. Was wondering if you have plans after the meeting?


Jiyong-ssi. Stop playing and listen to your uncle.


I don’t want to. You’re too pretty this morning to ignore.


This kid’s a player, really. Dara thought to herself reading his text message.




Let’s have coffee after this huh?


I’m busy.


Then make time.






“Miss Park?” YG suddenly calls on Dara startling the woman making her drop her phone under the table.


Jiyong loved her reaction so much that he couldn’t help but snort at the sight making all heads turn to look at him.


Top looked at him and raised an eyebrow to which Jiyong just coughed it off.


“Yes Sajangnim?” Dara tried to get the attention away from him afraid he might say something weird in front of the President.


“As promised we’re absorbing your team to be exclusively YG Group’s PR agency. You will be shadowing over our current PR Director so that he

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