Chapter 7 - Jealousy is a Disease

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“Ms. Park, this is not acceptable!! How could so many incidents happen in a day?!!? Let alone a night!!!” the Chairman furiously asked. It was seven in the morning and Dara was summoned by YG to discuss what happened last night.


These women that my nephews are seeing, who are these people?!!?”


Dara gave him the folder holding information regarding the two women.


The Chairman’s eyes grew wide upon reading the first info.


“Yoon Se-Ah? The daughter from the Yoon Family???”


Dara nodded as the chairman furrowed his forehead.


“Isn’t she married?!?!”


Dara cautiously nodded waiting for the outburst.


“And who is this Kim Hyena?!?”


“She is an upcoming model…”


Dara wasn’t able to finish reporting as the Chairman cut her off upon seeing the girl’s age.


“She’s only 19?” The Chairman cut her off as he continued to read the report.


“When did Tabi meet Lady Yoon?”


Dara hesitated for a moment before telling him the truth.

“Lady Yoon is seeing Director Seungri, Chairman.”


“WHAT?!?!” The Chairman angrily shouted slamming the files he was holding on the table.


Dara clamed herself down. “Lady Yoon and Director Seungri met at one of the clubs he frequents.”


“And Top?”


“Director Seunghyun and Kim Hyena met at one of the fashion shows held by one of the director’s friends.” Dara explained.


The Chairman rubbed his forehead and clamed himself. He knows his nephews too well to know that even the tightest security and the most effective PR team would still fail. His nephews would still be able to slither their way away from them.


“The boys that Yongbae had a fight with?” he suddenly remembered the other incident.


“According to our investigation he knows the director. Hwang Chansung.” Dara reported.


The Chairman looked at Dara upon hearing the name.


“Hwang Chansung?!? Not the second son of Hwang Traders?!?!”


“I believe he is sir.”


“Those Hwang brothers dare to hurt my nephew? When their grandfather and father used to up to me so I’d invest in their petty company!!! How dare they hurt a YANG!” YG raised his voice trying to hold his anger.


“Chairman I think we did more damage tot hem than to Director Yongbae.” Dara told him gathering up the courage to tell what Bom did.


“What do you mean?”


Dara closed her eyes for a second, took a deep breath and began tot ell the Chairman what happened after Yongbae and Taejoon had an argument.  She really didn’t want to tell the Chairman this but in case the other party filed charges against them it would be better for the Chairman to be aware of it.


Dara took another deep breath as she finished reporting.


The Chairman clasped his hands together and became quiet for a few moments.


This is it. It’s the end of our team. Dara thought. Her thoughts were disrupted when the Chairman erupted with laughter.


“Where is Ms. Park Bom?”


“Right now, she is with Director Daesung at a site.” Dara answered trying to figure out what the Chairman is thinking.


“Well remind me to give her a bonus!” YG exclaimed laughing.


“I’m sorry Chairman. I won’t let it happen again.” Dara apologized but halted when what the Chairman said has sinked in. “Neh?”


“PSY did a good job recommending you girls.” YG clapped his hands as he continued laughing. Dara stared at him still feeling uneasy with what happened.


Just then Jinu and Sean opened the door and looked at Dara trying to subtly ask what’s funny.  Dara bowed her head to greet and kept mum.


“Relax Dara-ssi! Just make sure we keep it low handling this.” YG said still laughing.


Dara bowed to the three men and left softly cursing at Park Bom.






“Is the Chairman mad?!? Am I fired? Are we out of YG?!?!” Bom asked panicking.



Hayi and CL worriedly looked at Dara as she walked inside their office. Bom shook her as she kept quiet, trying to calm herself.



“YAH!” Bom shouted at her as she walked past her.



“Yah?” Dara said slamming the folder she was holding on the table. “YAH?!?!”



Bom backed away seeing that Dara was already not in the mood.



CL and Hayi didn’t join in seeing how mad Dara was.



“I’m supposed ot be still in bed right now enjoying my weekend but no. I had to wake up at 6 in the morning head to work and be scolded with things that I was not even informed!!!!!” Dara scolded.




“Mian.” Bom sheepishly said.



“Sorry?!?!!? That’s all you’re going to say out of this mess?!?!?” Dara said massaging her forehead.



“Unnie, it’s not like we did terrible with our jobs?” Chaerin steps in to help Bom.



Dara rolled her eyes hearing CL’s defense.



“Think about it unnie, we managed to escape the two boys form getting caught by the media. Which would put a huge scar to YG Corp if it had gone out. Not to mention it would start war if Lady Yoon’s husband finds out about Seungri.  And it’s not like YG Corp won’t retaliate back.” CL further explained.



“She has a point you know.” Bom agreed and Dara raised an eyebrow at them.



“Come on Unnie. You know what I’m saying is true.”



Dara took a deep breath and looked from Bom to Cl then back to Bom.



“Ok let’s say that your argument is right. Ok, fine, I commend you guys for doing a great job handling Seungri and Top. But when we’re you planning on telling me?” Dara asked irritated that the girls hid something this big from her.



Bom and CL looked at each other before looking down on the floor feeling guilty. They know it was wrong to hide from her but she can be a bit strict with the boys.



“Or were you not planning to tell me at all?”



“It’s not that Dara! It’s just that we thought as long as we could handle it then there was nothing to worry about.” Bom told her.



“Bom, with these people’s social status a catastrophe is bound to happen!!!”



“Which didn’t. So please cut us some slack and let us off with a warning! Please?!?!?!!” Bom begged nudging Chaerin.



Chaerin pouted and nodded in agreement.



Dara looked at the two girls begging in front of her.  The two are not that wrong, they did handle the situation according to protocol and with Bom kicking the Hwang guy it’s really more of protecting Yongbae.



Dara sighed and finally gave up.



“Yey!” CL, Bom and Hayi jumped with joy.



“But!” Dara loudly interrupted them holding one hand up. “But! You have a warning. You try to hide form me again and I won’t hesitate to remove you from your posts. Friend or no friend. Understand?”



“YES SIR!!!!” Bom and CL loudly answered giving Dara a hand salute.



Dara sighed and sat on her chair closing her eyes and rubbing her temple after a minute she started laughing.



The three girls stopped talking and stared at her as she breathlessly laughed slamming her hand on her desk.



“Unnies I think our boss has lost it.” Hayi softly whispered to the others.



“YAH! CHIEF! What’s wrong?!?!?!” Bom asked moving closer to Dara.



“Unnie you ok?!?!” CL asked wondering.



“I can’t believe you kicked a man in his balls!!!!”







“So how bad was it?” Jiyong asks over the phone.



The girls were still in the office finishing the incident report YG asked from them.



“Well it wasn’t so bad. It could’ve been worse.” She answered.



She then told the story how Jiyong’s uncle laughed at the report of Bom kicking a man’s balls.



“Sinchayo?” Jiyong couldn’t believe that his uncle did not get mad at Bom fighting with Chansung.



“Well considering how petite Bom is and how buffed that Hwang guy.  It is kind of funny.”



Jiyong chuckled. The boys and him still laugh so hard whenever the topic of Hwang Chansung comes up.



“Never knew Bom-ssi can be scary.” Jiyong added.



Park Bom is scariest out of all of us.” Dara informed him.



“This is duly noted I’ll inform the guys to stir clear of Park Bom!”



“True. We wouldn’t want the future generation of the Yang clan to be in jeopardy.” Dara joked to which Jiyong laughed at.



A security persoinnel came inside and handed Hayi a package.



“Jiyong something came up. I’ll call you later ok?”



Dara hung up the phone and walked towards Hayi.



“What’s that?”



A package came in for the director’s but when we did a security check it seems there are living organisms inside.



“What?” Dara said as she gets a cutter and sliced the packaging tape and opened it.



Hayi shrieked in shock when Dara opened the box revealing it to be full of worms.



Bom and CL ran to their side and gasped upon seeing what’s inside.



Dara worriedly looked at the security. “Who was this supposed to be for?”



The security handed the paper that was handed by the delivery guy.



“DIRECTOR’S OFFICE” was the only thing written.



“Unnie who would send such a sick joke?” Chaeirn asked looking very much worried.



“Please call Lee Jae Wook.  Tell him I want to meet him right now.” Dara ordered.





“What’s up! What’s up!” Seungri greeted as he entered Jiyong’s office.



Top and Yongbae were seated by the couch having tea while Jiyong was checking on some paperworks.




“Daesung Hyung?” Seungri asked pouring tea on a cup.



“He went to check a site Uncle wants to purchase.” Yongbae answered.



“So hardworking.” Seungri teased.



“Shouldn’t you be working too? If you put efforts to your work as much as you do when clubbing then maybe the girls won’t have a hard time.” Jiyong bluntly told him.



The three boys looked at Jiyong who was still busy with paperworks.



“What do you mean by that?” Top asked getting concerned at the mention of the girls.  Honestly, they are the only PR team that put up with all the boy’s shenanigans and does a good job getting them out of trouble.



“The girls were summoned last Saturday morning.” Jiyong revealed.



Just then Daesung enters the office looking tired.



“You alright Dae?” Yongbae asked.



“Ugh. I hate early morning oculars!” Daesung whined. “How come Uncle always chooses me to do that?”



JIyong chuckled. “Simple.  You’re the only one who answers his calls at that time.”



Daesung looked at the other boys feeling betrayed.



“Hyung, how are the girls?” Daesung suddenly asked. “Hyungs should apologize to them you know. I heard from Sean hyung Dara Noona got scolded badly.”



The boys looked uneasy feeling troubled with what they heard.



“Told you so.” Jiyong told them signing on some papers. “Dae’s right. You guys should really apologize to the girls. They have really been helpful to us. Especially CL, Seungri. To be able to keep up with your escapades is really something.



“Lucky we pay them a lot.” Seungri blurted insensitively.



“Lucky they’re all loyal to Dara.” Jiyong corrected. “Face it maknae with the amount of stress you are giving CL. She’s actually underpaid.”


Seungri pouted in defeat.



“How about we all take them to a nice dinner?” Top suggested but yOngbae had another idea in mind.



“How about we all go to the villa and cook food for them?” Yongbae pitched in. “We can go swimming or do other activities by the lake.”



Jiyong liked the idea it was a simple vacation that he could spend with Dara while the other boys woo the girls.



“Not a bad idea hyung!” Daesung agreed.



“Then I could invite a couple of friends and we can have a party!!!” Seungri excitedly added.



“YAH!” Yongbae said smacking him at the back of his head. “Our purpose here is to say sorry to the girls not stress them further!!!!”



“Ah! Hyung!!!! It was just a suggestion!” Seungri said rubbing the back of his head.





“What a weird gift!” Hayi shuddered at the thought of the package they received over the weekend.



A soft knock stopped Hayi with her deep thoughts. “Come in”



“We received another package today for Mr. Kwon.” The security personnel handed her a paper bag.



Dara and her team had a meeting with the head of Security and they instructed them that all packages for the 5 directors would go through thorough security check and then go to Dar’s team and they will be the ones to hand it over to the boys.



“It passed the security check.” The man said before leaving the room.



Hayi looked at the small paper bag and checked the writing on the small card that was attached.



“Kiko?” Hayi read.



Just then the door opens again and the girls enter coming from an early meeting.



“What’s that?” Chaerin asks getting the bag from Hayi’s hold.



“A package for Mr. Kwon.” Hayi answered earning the stare of the other ladies. “Security said it passed the check.”



“Kiko?!?!” Bom read out loud and then looked at CL before the two of them looked at Dara.



“You know this guy?” Hayi asked.



“Kiko’s a girl.” Chaerin corrected her.



Bom did not hesitate any longer and opened the box. Inside was an expensive watch from one of the top brands.



“Woohoo.” Hayi whistled amazed at the expensive gift. “Who is this Kiko person?”



The three girls looked at Dara who was busy reading emails at her laptop. Silence enveloped the room as they waited for Dara to answer.



“UNNIE!!!” CHaerin called her still waiting for a reaction.



Dara looked at them and sighed.



She really isn’t in any position to react in this situation. As much as she hates the idea of other girls flirting with Jiyong, she wants to separate work with personal life.



“She’s one of the models Jiyong used to date.”



Bom and CL looked at each other before raising an eyebrow at her.



“Well someone didn’t get the memo that they’re no longer dating.” Bom sarcastically said.



“Or maybe it’s just one-sided.  I mean we all see how smitten Jiyong oppa- I mean Director Kwon is with Dara Unnie.” Hayi defended Jiyong.



“It’s really not our business. Now get back to work.” Dara ordered getting irritated.



Bom placed the paper bag on top of Dara’s desk. “Yes chief!”



The three girls went back to work quietly but Dara was still irked as she sees the gift from her peripheral view.



“aish!” Dara blurted as she grabbed the bag and headed out.



“Tell the engineer I want a full estimate on Site Five by Thursday morning. Make sure to have three options for me to compare.” Jiyong was giving orders to her assistant when a soft knock was heard on the door.



“Come in” Jiyong answered and smiled widely upon seeing Dara walk in. “There’s my favorite person.”



Dara smiled weakly and handed him the paper bag. He was about to ask what it was when Seungri barges in followed by the other boys.



“Oh! Dara noona! You’re here! Great!”



Dara looked at him suspiciously  thinking about what the young director is up to now.



“What do you think Chaerin likes?”



Dara raised her eyebrow wondering why all of a sudden he is interested to what Chaerin likes.



“Calm down.  We just want ot apologize to them with what happened last Friday night.” Top explained.



Dara looked at the four boys waiting for her answer.



“Chaerin likes clubbing while Bom, well Bom, clubbing won’t make it for what you’ve done. If you want to get to Bom’s good side then give her corn.”



Jiyong who was busy reading documents lifted his head thinking he heard wrong.



Seungri blinked twice and looked from Top to Daesung and Yongbae.



“Noona did I hear you right?” Daesung asked again. “Did you just say corn?”



Dara nodded in agreement.



“Like the food corn?” Yongbae double-checked.



Dara looked at him weirdly. “Are there any more corn that we know of?”



“Well it could be a stuff toy you know. I needed to double check.” Yongbae told her.



“My girls all look like high maintenance but you know they just like simple things.  Chaerin likes dancing hence she goes clubbing. And Bom she finds happiness in everything but food especially corn is her simple joy.”



“And you?” What’s your simple joy?” Yongbae asked. Knowing his dear cousin would want to hear it too.



“Me? I have many. But I’ll share one. I hate sharing.” Dara said frowning.



“Uhm. Noted.” Seungri nodded scratching the back of his head.



“If there’s nothing else Director’s I shall go now.” Dara bowed to them and starts to walk away.



“Dara? What’s this?” Jiyong calls her pointing at the small paperbag.



“It’s from your friend.”Dara coldly answered. “Kiko.”



She then opens the door and walked away from the office leaving the boys in a frozen state.



Jiyong checks the card and sees that it is from Kiko.  Remembering what Dara just said he panics and runs after her.



“Man hyung’s screwed.”Daesung says as he watched his hyung get out.







“Bom meet up with the media and take care of it.” Dara instructed.



It was a week after the chaos and Dara and the girls are busy getting the mass

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