Chapter 6 - Last Friday Night

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“See you in 5 baby girl.”



The line went dead.









I looked at the screen of my phone and smiled. It’s been a week since our “baby-sitting stint” and we’ve been busy these past few days with Jiyong’s new project that I only get to see him during our morning meetings.



It made me realize how Jiyong has been a big part of my daily life now that a day not seeing or hearing him makes me miss him.


“So, I’m assuming you got a date tonight.” Bom wriggled her eyebrows at me.



“What? What are you talking about?” I answered. Am I that obvious?



“Yes. You’re that obvious.” Chaerin answered as if I asked that out loud.



“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes at them.



A soft knock on the door was heard and revealed Jiyong standing on the doorway.



“Yep. Really. Obvious.” Bom teased earning a glare from me.



“Ready?” Jiyong smiled.



“I just need to photocopy this and we’re good to go.” I answered.



Just when I was about to photocopy the document Hayi grabbed the paper from me and smiled.



“I can do that for you Boss. You can go.”



I raised an eyebrow at the three eager girls that wanted to throw me out of the office.



“You just want to leave early tonight.”



“Who cares. Just go.” Bom insisted asking me to leave.




I shook my head as I grabbed my bag and headed towards the door.



“After you.” Jiyong said gesturing me to exit first.





“So how was your day?” I asked.



“Tiring. Really tiring. I had back to back meetings. Uncle wanted to do an ocular so we went all the way to the site for that.” Jiyong explained. “You?”



“I had to review a lot of media articles for your new project. And then I had a meeting with the team that’s handling Seunghyun’s project.”



“Which Seunghyun?”



“Seungri’s.” I smiled. I keep forgetting that there are two Seunghyuns.



“So where are we off to tonight?”



“Well, since every restaurant would be packed by now. I’d like to have some private time with you. So I’m taking you to our hotel so I can have a private dining room with you.” Jiyong explained.


I can’t help but stare at him while he drives. His side view looks good. Damn. What the am I thinking. I thought to myself.



“Like what you see?” he asked.



I quickly turned away and felt my cheeks turn hot. “whatever.”



“You still feel shy around me Park?” he coolly asked.



My heart continued to flutter as he called my last name.  So y.



I must be out of my mind.



“Ani.” I stuttered as I answered. Embarrassing. That’s what I am.



Jiyong chuckled. “Did I ever tell you that you’re cute?”



“I know.” I confidently joked trying to remove my awkwardness towards him.



“The girls doing alright with the boys?” he changed the topic. Probably to make me feel less burdened.



“I guess so. I mean you boys are really handful, so I guess by now they’re getting the hang of it. I mean, even Hayi knows what food and drink to buy when your brothers are not in the best of mood.” I told them.  “What’s shocking is no matter how mad they are in a situation they never seem to be able to scream or get mad at Hayi. That’s why most of the employees ask her to do stuff for them when your brothers are in a bad mood.”



Jiyong shook his head and chuckled. “We can never get mad at Hayi.”



I look at him wondering what he meant by that.



“Oooh you jealous Park?”



There he goes again with the last name calling. He really knows how to push my buttons.



“Nope. I know you like me too much.” I closed my eyes as I looked away regretting what I just said.



“Whoa-hoaa!!!” Jiyong said laughing. “Damn Park. You really know how to make me go crazy.”



I blushed and laughed. Wow. I’ve never felt this feeling for a long time now.  I’m liking what I’m feeling now.


We arrived at the hotel and walked on the vip route towards the restaurant surprising the employees on his unplanned visit.



“Director Kwon.” The hotel operations manager greeted rushing towards us.



“It’s alright. No need to rush. I’m just going to have dinner with Ms. Park at one of the VIP rooms.” Jiyong explained nonchalantly grabbing my hand as he leads the way to the VIP room, shocking everyone that could see us walking holding hands.



I try to calm myself down while my heart is so ready to explode from beating fast.  Jiyong really really knows how to push my button.



“Jiyong.” I whispered as I try to set my hand free but failed horribly because Jiyong held it even more tightly.



“You let go of me Park and I swear I’m going to throw a fit here.” He threatens me.



I sighed and gave up. Why fight it? He’s going to find another way to be showy anyways. So might as well just ride along with it.






“Seungri! This is like the third time this month that I had to get you out of trouble.” Chaerin massaged her temple as she tries to think.



“I know! I know! I promise this is the last time!” Seungri begged on the other line.



“That’s what you said the last time!” CL angrily whined as the taxi stopped at the back entrance of the hotel where Seungri’s secretary/bodyguard was waiting.



“This is the third one this month Young Deuk.” CL sternly looked at the man as they sneaked inside the hotel.



Young Deuk bowed his head in apology. He has been Seungri’s executive assistant for a long time now and he has already given up on him every time he escapes.



The two of them hurriedly entered the employee’s elevator and headed to where Seungri’s floor is. CL knocked on the door of the suite and within seconds the door flung open.



“What took you so long?!?!?” Seungri loudly asked.



“This was the fastest we could do.” CL rolled her eyes at the young man.



“What?!?!?! What if – ani! Ani! Let’s focus on what to do.” Seungri said agitated.


Meanwhile CL scanned the room to search for the woman when finally she sees her putting on her earrings by the dresser.



“Deukie did you check the lobby?” CL turned to Young Deuk who nodded in reply.



“The lobby is filled with them, and outside of the hotel too. One of our men snitched around and the reporters were tipped that a young chaebol is out to party with his much older married girlfriend.”Young Deuk reported.  Realizing too late that the “much older married woman” would hear him, Young Deuk bowed his head at Seungri who was now glaring at him.



“Well they got that right.” The woman in her forties came walking towards Seungri wrapping her arms around his waist.



Both CL and Young Deuk turned away to give them a bit of privacy. Seungri gave her a peck on the neck to which the woman giggled.



CL looked at her watch annoyed at the fact that instead of out partying with Bom, she’s out cleaning up Seungri’s mess.



“Which name did you use for the room?” she asked her boss sounding irritated wishing the couple would finish their lovey-dovey thing.



“Top Hyung’s” Seungri answered as he lets go of the woman.



“Well at least you got your head thinking with that one.” CL said.



She scanned the room one last time, making sure there are no trace or evidence of whatever has happened in that room.



“All right. Young Deuk assist Madam and take her down the crew elevator. Use the employees exit so that no one will see you.” CL instructed taking off her hoodie and gives it to the woman who in return raised her eyebrows at her.



“Well you can’t get out unnoticed if you’re wearing that.” CL pointed at the skimply dress the woman was wearing.



The woman took and wore it but had this “I’m not happy” face.



CL rolled her eyes and then turned to Seungri.



“Ready boss?”



Seungri nodded, he was about to head out the door when Chaerin stopped him and removed the lipstick stain on his neck.




After making sure that Seungri is ok to go, CL turned the knob and they began to walk.



As instructed Young Deuk and the woman took a different path from them and CL and Seungri waited for the hotel elevator.



The elevator stops at their floor and the door opens revealing Bom and Seungri’s alibi.



“Oh. My….” CL couldn’t finish her sentence and was now having a mental breakdown.



“This is not good. This is not good.” Bom panicked.



CL looked at her and realized why Bom was panicking.



“Seungri’s your alibi?!?!?!?!”



Bom nodded and CL felt her soul leave her body. Dozens of reporters hungry for a scoop are waiting downstairs they have got to think of something.



“How about we just pretend to be on a date?” Seungri suggested placing his arms around CL’s shoulders.



“WHAT?!?!!? ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?! There are dozens of reporters in the lobby!!!” CL removed his arms annoyed.



“Seungri may have a point. Might as well be you guys than an older married woman or a super young girl?” Top explained further.



Bom massaged her temple as she listens to the wild suggestion of the two.



“Or we could just say that you were conducting a random check on the hotels and were just accompanying you or something?” Bom finally said something.



DING! The elevator door opened and the four of them froze when they saw Dara standing staring back at them.






“I thought you left alr-“ Jiyong froze as he saw Top and Seungri entering the VIP room followed by Bom and CL and then Dara who looked like she was ready to throw fire.



This is not good. What did these two do now?  Jiyong thought as he watched the people who came in sat down.



“Wow. I didn’t know we had other guests.” Jiyong joked.



“I didn’t know either.” Dara answered. “I was just minding my own business going to the powder room when I overheard two reporters saying there was a tip that there was a young chaebol with a married woman checked in at this hotel.  Then the other reporter answered that the tip they got was a very young idol was checked in with a chaebol two times her age!”



Jiyong looked from Dara to Seungri and Top who suddenly became engrossed at reading the menu.



“I was about to doubt what I heard but just when I was going back to the VIP room I passed by the VIP route and saw KwangSoo rushing out with a young girl covered in mask and hat. Thinking he might see me I hid behind the wall and then seconds after YoungDeuk came out of the elevator with another woman hiding wearing what seems to be the hoodie I gave Chaerin for Christmas!!!”



Everyone noticed that Dara’s tone is becoming more and more angry. Chaerin and Bom looked away, averting their gaze from Dara’s.



Jiyong shook his head as he tries to hide his laughter.



“What’s surprising is none of my team even called me about the situation when there are reporters flocking the lobby!!!!”Dara said.



The smile on Jiyong’s face faded when he heard the word “reporters”



“Reporters?”He asked and Dara nodded.



Jiyong was about to say something else when the VIP door opened and Daesung and Yongbae entered.



“What are you doing here?”Jiyong asked them.




“Dara-ssi called us and said to come here.”Yongbae answered sitting next to Seungri. “What have you done now?”



“The lobby and the front of hotel has reporters swarming around. Young Don had to bring us to the VIP entrance.”Daesung added as he sat down beside Top.



Jiyong shook his head. “If there are reporters here then it would only be…”



Jiyong hasn’t finished his sentence yet when Dara’s phone rang and she showed her phone to Jiyong revealing Chairman YG calling.



Dara signaled everyone to be quiet as she answers it.





“Neh… neh… I am here right now. Neh. We’ve handled the situation. Neh. I will report the details tomorrow.”



Seungri worriedly look at CL who just sighed at him as she shook her head realizing the amount of scolding she’ll be getting later.



Dara placed her phone down and silence enveloped the room.



“Well at least you didn’t have to pretend to be our girlfriends!” Seungri blurted out catching the attention of the rest of the gang.



“WHAT?!?”Dara asked looking at the two girls as if trying to ask whose bright ideas that was.



“Not mine.”CL defended herself.



“Not mine too.”Bom raised her hands acting innocent.



“Relax Dara. It was ours.”Top confirmed smiling at the girl while munching on some sushi.



Jiyong looked at his hyung surprised that he would suggest a wild idea like that.



Dara remained speechless as she tries to think on a thousand excuses that she could give to cover up the situation with the Chairman.



“Hey.”Jiyong held her hand in front of everyone.  “Relax.”



Chaerin nudged Bom showing her their hands still together. While the boys notice it as well.



Dara looked at him worriedly and she could feel that her anxiety is building up again.



“Hey. Hey. Stop that.”Jiyong said realizing she’s going to another panic attack. “Relax. Just don’t worry about it. You handled it well. All you got to do is tell Pops about it and everything will be fine. The important thing is you handled the situation before it even exploded.”



“Don’t worry about it Dara. We’re all here. I’m sure we dodged whatever scoop the reporters have. And if in case they link it to us we can always just deny it, keep quiet or say we’re dating one of you girls.” Taeyang joked irritating Dara further but Jiyong held her hand more tightly.



“Dee. Relax.”



“Easy for you to say Kwon. Your neck’s not on the line here.” Dara answered as she tries to calm herself down.



“Trust me on this Park.” Jiyong answered. “Now all of you. You better behave for the rest of the night. Dara’s too beautiful tonight to get stressed out.”



Dara blushed at the blunt comment while the rest of the gang is astonished at how Jiyong outright shows how he cares about Dara.








“Can you please leave me alone? I’m trying to enjoy this night.”Bom angrily stormed away from the dance floor.


After dinner the boys invited the girls to hang out at one of the clubs owned by Seungri. Bom and CL danced right away trying to relieve the stress they got from what happened.  While dancing Seungri and Top has been begging the girls for forgiveness while Dara and Jiyong are enjoying the night.


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