Chapter 5 - This is Kwon Jiyong

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“Hey, where are you?” Dara asked just as Jiyong was getting out of the office.






“Me and the boys are going out for some drinks why?”






“Oh. The girls and I are at the restaurant to have some dinner. I thought maybe you’d want to join us.” Dara invited.





Jiyong stopped in front of Seungri’s office where the boys are talking while waiting for him.






“But if you already have plans-






“No. It’s fine. I’ll see you there.” Jiyong interrupted her.





“You sure?”












“Ok. See you then.” Dara said before hanging up.






Jiyong opened the door and the boys looked at him.






“You guys go on ahead without me.” He told them and started walking away.






“What? I thought we’re going clubbing?” Seungri asked sounding disappointed.












“Wow. You guys are really close now.” Bom said as she took some plates out.





“I’m still amazed that he was in our apartment, slumped on the floor with Dara sleeping while leaning on his shoulder.”





A couple of days have passed since Bom and CL found the two of them in that scene and still they haven’t gotten over it.






“I’m just making up for our date that was ruined.” Dara explained. She did feel guilty about ruining a nice date and Jiyong has been very kind and patient with her. If it were another man, there wouldn’t be another date after that.





“Yeah unnie. I think you should really stop giving up your life for that family. I mean, you’re lucky Mr. Kwon is very patient with you.” Chaerin agreed as she starts prepping the steak that they’ll be cooking.





Bom nodded in agreement to what CL is saying.





“True. Just get that phase of your life over and done with. You have someone who’s willing the go all the way to your house to give you a handkerchief. I think you should focus on this one now.”






“You think I haven’t thought of that?” Dara said placing salt and pepper at the steak CL passed to her while Bom started heating the pan.






Since sales were good that day, Dara started to close the restaurant early, so she and the girls can just have the place on their own.






“What’s stopping you then?” Bom curiously asked.






Dara paused for a moment before sighing. “I’m still scared.”





“But I’m trying. Really trying.” She added.





Honestly, Jiyong is a nice guy and she wants to give him a chance after all the effort that he has been showing. But, her scars are still too deep and every time she tries to open herself the wounds of the past starts reminding her of the pain and ends up going distant again.





They hear the door opens and Dara hurriedly comes out of the kitchen to greet him.






“Jiyong! We’re at the kitchen cooking you can wait here if you want.”





“You’re cooking?!!?” Jiyong asked in a tone with disbelief.






Dara squinted her eyes while Jiyong gives him a big grin.






“Kidding! Kidding! I’ll watch you girls cook.” Jiyong snickered raising both his hands up pretending to surrender.






They enter the kitchen and Bom and CL bowed to Jiyong. “Mr. Kwon.”





“Ei. Just call me Jiyong.” Jiyong told him as he sits down on a stool nearby






Bom and CL exchanged looks before nodding to him.






“How do you like your steak then Jiyong-ssi?” Bom asked him as she took the thongs and flipped the steak that she was grilling.





“Medium rare?” Jiyong answered






“Do you like pasta?” Dara offered to which Jiyong nodded.







He looked around and saw the wine ref on the other side, so he stood up to check on it.






“Do you girls want some wine?” He asked and the three nodded in return as they busily cooked the food.





“Dara you want yours well done right?” Chaerin confirmed with Dara who was busy cooking the white sauce of the pasta.





“What’s the occasion? What are we celebrating?” Jiyong suddenly asked them trying to open up a conversation.





It was a bit awkward that there are other people in the restaurant, but he wanted the chance to be with Dara plus it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. He can spend time with Dara and can get close to her friends.






“Nothing. We do this all the time. We meet once a week and have wine night or movie night. Something to get our minds off and relax.” Dara told him.





“We do have a very stressful job you know.” Chaerin blurted out but regret saying it realizing who was in the same room with them.






Jiyong chuckled and put his hands together playfully gesturing an apology to them. “Mianhe. Me and my brothers can be really a handful.”






“Yes. Yes you are.” Dara agreed laughing earning a shocked look from Bom and CL.






“I promise to keep it down.” Jiyong teased.






They heard the door opening and Jiyong offered to check on who it is.






“Didn’t you put the “closed” signage?” Bom asked Dara





“I did.” Dara furrowed her brows and tried to take a peek on who could’ve gone inside when Jiyong reappears with Dongwook behind him and the other four boys in tow.






“What are you doing here?” Bom asked Dongwook but got even more surprised upon seeing Jiyong’s cousins.





“Me? I have shares here don’t I?” Dongwook answered raising an eyebrow at their friend.





“Them?” Bom asked pointing at the four boys behind him.





“I saw them outside.” Dongwook explained.






“We gotta cook more steak and pasta.” Chaerin announced as she approached the fridge to get more steak.











“Told you it was a good idea to come here.” Seungri told his cousins as they look at the food that the girls cook.





Steak. Steamed vegetables. Pasta. Marbled Potatoes.  Something that the girls can easily whip up.





“Thank you for the food.” The boys all cheered smiling brightly.





“Thanks Jiyong hyung we get to eat good food because of you.” Daesung teased Jiyong making Dara blush.





“Aigoo. Are you that embarrassed?” Bom teased Dara who glared at her in return.






“So, what’s the occasion why are you guys having a party?” Top curiously asked.





 Jiyong took Dara’s plate and cut her steak into small pieces as the others talked.





“Nothing. The girls and I just do this randomly twice a week whenever we need a breather.”

Chaerin explained.





“Apparently we’re too much trouble for them.” Jiyong blurted out loud.





“We?” Seungri looked at them pretending that his hyung just said something ridiculous.





Jiyong nodded and gave Dara her steak while the young lady placed some vegetables in Jiyong’s plate.






“Why don’t I find that surprising at all?” Top chuckled nudging Taeyang.





“What’s surprising is that the two of you are really really close now.” Taeyang said pointing at Dara and Jiyong.






“True. I’m quite surprised another man is cutting meat for unnie now. It used to be Dongwook oppa who do that for us.” Chaerin agreed and everyone looked at Jiyong and Dara.





“I’m just glad that’s not my job anymore.” Dongwook said raising both his arms acting like something has been lifted from his shoulders.




“So, Jiyong-ssi, what’s the real deal with you two?” Bom could no longer hold it in and had to ask Jiyong since Dara keeps giving them the same answer.




Jiyong looked at Bom and then to Dara who just shrugged her shoulders.





“Don’t give us that we’re friends because that is not how you two looks like.” Dongwook warned pointing his fork at the two before getting a piece of carrot.





“We’re dating.” Jiyong answered nonchalantly.





The others waited and stared at the two who are not really saying anything.





“And?” Bom impatiently followed up a question.





Jiyong looked up and saw all of them patiently waiting for the answer.






Jiyong sighed and placed his fork down.





“I’m waiting for her. She said she’s not yet ready so I’m waiting.”





“What? So, what does that make you?” Seungri, being the player of the pack, could not comprehend what his hyung just told them.






Dara’s friends sighed.  Typical Dara, still considering her feeling because of Jaejoong.





“If this is about Jaejoong I’m really going to smack that little head of yours Dara!” Bom angrily told her friend.





“Yeah. I agree!” Dongwook said raising his right arm.





“Leave Dee alone. She’s trying.” Jiyong blurted out shocking the others.





The group stared at him and when he realized that no one was talking he looked up and found them looking at him.





“What? She’s really trying hard! She’s having a hard time trying already. Let’s not force her to do something she’s not comfortable with.”





“That’s so cool!” Daesung teased his hyung to which Jiyong groaned.





He was being quiet because he knew his cousins would definitely .





“Wow. This is the first time we actually saw him like this.” Yongbae joined in the teasing.






“I gotta give it to you Dara. You changed our Jiyong.” Top chimed in.






“Why? What’s the normal Jiyong like?” Dongwook asked sounding like a protective brother.





























The boys suddenly threw words attacking Jiyong, teasing intended.






“What?” Jiyong said placing down his fork again and looking at his cousins.






“All business.” Yongbae sealed the teasing earning a glare from Jiyong.






“I’m starting to feel uneasy.” Dongwook joined the guys in teasing earning a nudge from Dara.






“He’s not so bad.” Dara suddenly said.






“Look at that. She’s taking his side already!” Chaerin pointed out and Bom nodded her head in agreement.





“Stop it.” Dara pointed at them asking them to stop the teasing and just focus on eating.





“No but with all honestly noona.” Seungri stopped her.






“We want to thank you for coming into hyung’s life.  Suddenly things became brighter for him.” He added.






The girls looked at him wondering what he was talking about.







“We grew up without a woman in the house, so you can just imagine how life is.” Yongbae explained to them.






“But I’m sure you had girlfriends right?” Bom asked.






“Yeah but this is the only time that Jiyong said that she’s his answered prayer.” Top blurted out.






“HYUNG!!!!!!” Jiyong shouted but it was too late.






The girls could not believe what they just heard and Dara was frozen at her seat blushing embarrassed at the blunt confession.






“AH!! AH! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I FORGOT!” Top shouted hiding behind Yongbae who was chuckling.












“Ahhh. This feels good.” Top said after taking a sip of his wine.





“You think they’ll make it?” Bom asked with concern pointing her head towards where Dara and Jiyong were.





Dinner was now over and CL and Seungri are at the kitchen cleaning up while Daesung, Yongbae and Dongwook are over the game machine playing video games. Dara and Jiyong where outside having a conversation.





Top looked out the window and stared at the couple who are laughing out of something Jiyong said.




“I hope so.”





Bom looked at them worriedly. She really wishes for her friend to move on already. And it looks like Jiyong really adores her that’s why she wants the two to make it.





“When Dara loves someone she’s all out. I want someone who’ll at least appreciate that. He doesn’t have to do the same thing.” Bom sadly stared at her wine.






“Well, based from what I hear from Jiyong, it really depends on Dara’s decision. Jiyong can appreciate her and shower her all he wants but if Dara feels she’s not ready then Jiyong can’t do anything about it can he?”





Bom sighed. What Top said is true. If Dara does not shape up and continue to be afraid in starting a new relationship, then all efforts would fail.





“Why are you so worried about Dara anyways? She’s a big girl she knows what to do.” Top advised her.





“I can’t help it you know. I saw her go through that dark era and I just want her to get out already.”






Top stared at the woman in front of her. Their loyalty for each other is really something. He thought. They have met tons of women and have been with so many women they lost count. But the bond and loyalty Dara, Bom and CL have with each other is genuine that it reminds it of how the boys are of each other.





“How about you? Are you in a relationship?” Top suddenly asked.






Bom smiled and took a sip of wine. “I date. But that’s about it. My boss takes too much of my time.”






A smirk forms at Top’s lips. “Does he?”






Bom let out a soft giggle. “Those bunch of hoodlums can’t be out of my sight for a minute or they’ll cause chaos.”






Top let out a chuckle in defeat.











“You’re doing it all wrong!” CL exclaimed.





Seungri stared at CL wondering where he made a mistake when he was just spraying water to the dishes.





“You do it one plate at a time to make sure there’s no grease left.” Chaeirn explained showing Seungri how to do it.






“Ahh.” Seungri said as he follows what CL does.






“Why did you even bother volunteering for this when you can’t even do chores.” CL frowned.






Seungri looked at her with a smirk. “Who told you I don’t know how to do chores?”







CL didn’t answer and just shrugged her shoulders.






“Well I hate to disappoint you, but I know how to do chores.  I also know how to do laundry and iron my clothes you know. All of the hyungs does.” Seungri revealed to her.






Chaerin looked at Seungri in disbelief.  How could the heirs of YG even know how to do chores when they all have butlers and housemaids.






“What’s with the face?” Seungri asked getting hurt that CL won’t believe him.






“Nothing. I just didn’t see that one coming.” CL answered.






“Well, we lived in the U.S., right? There we were just ordinary boys living in a pad going to university and stuff. We all had to pitch in the household work. Top hyung can even cook. Better than what we had tonight.” Seungri boasted.





CL just listened while finishing the work and getting help from Seungri.







“Really now?” was all she could say.






“I know we look like a bunch of gangsters w

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