Chapter 4 - Getting to know Dara

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“Daebak!” Bom couldn’t believe what she’s seeing.




“I told you he was going to be here.” Top told Bom as they stared at Dara and Jiyong both at a different side of the couch inside Dara’s father’s hospital room.




Jiyong was on the far end of the couch asleep while seated, his hands across his chest, his head leaning against the wall. Dara was on the other side, her head leaning on the arm chair.




“WOW.” Chaerin whispered upon entering the hospital room and seeing the scene in front of them.




“Why is everyone blocking the doorway-“ Seungri loudly asked waking up Jiyong.




“Daebak!” Hayi who was behind Seungri exclaimed upon seeing Jiyong and Dara.




Dara slowly opened her eyes upon hearing the noise.




“What are you guys doing here?” Dara asked while stretching.




“We need to discuss a couple of things with you. That’s why the girls and I went here. These two insisted on coming along.” Bom explained pointing at Top and Seungri.





“I’m just worried our dear Jiyong was kidnapped so I had to check.” Top lied. Since Jiyong left abruptly yesterday and didn’t come home last night he had a feeling Jiyong would be with Dara. That’s why when he heard that the girl needed to go to Dara, he and Seungri tagged along.




“Dara?” everyone turned and found Mr. Park waking up.




Both Jiyong and Dara jolted up to check if he was in pain again.




“Oh. Jiyong-ssi you’re still here?” Mr. Park asked shocked that the man slept overnight with them.




“How are you feeling Mr. Park?” Jiyong worriedly asked.




The old man waved his hand and smiled. “Feeling fine. I want some water though.”




Jiyong and Dara moved in sync, with Dara grabbing a cup and Jiyong getting water from the small fridge and pouring water to the cup. As Dara helped her father drink water, the others watched in astonishment at how the two worked in sync. Everyone was quiet watching when a soft knock was heard at the door.




They all turn and found the private nurse hired by Dara’s family to assist and watch her father while Dara goes to work, standing by the doorway, shocked at the number of people staring at her.




“Nurse Kim. Come in.” Dara smiled and signaled the nurse to come in. “Don’t mind them, they’re just my friends.”




“Dara-yah. Now that Nurse Kim is here, you can go to your work and stop worrying about me. I’m sure you have a lot to do. You cannot take advantage that your boss is a friend.” Mr. Park told Dara with a soft voice.




“Kwenchanayo Mr. Park. They all have emergency leaves anyways.” Jiyong explained but the old man waved his hand.




“I’m fine. We will call Dara if she’s needed.”




Dara worriedly looked at her father and then to Jiyong. She does have a lot of work to do but she’s very much worried that her father might need her here.




“Go. I will be fine. Nurse Kim will call you when you’re needed.” Dara’s father persuaded her.




“Thank you Jiyong-ssi for staying and helping my daughter and me last night. My daughter is lucky to have friends like you.” Mr. Park smiled and looked at Jiyong and then to the rest of the gang.



Jiyong bowed to Mr. Park and bid farewell. “I’ll come visit again.”




One by one the gang went out the room and Dara were the last one after giving her father a kiss on the forehead and left a long list of instructions to the nurse.




“Will your father be staying here for a while?” Top asked Dara as soon as the door was closed.




“We’re still not sure. We’re waiting for the go signal of his nephrologists and cardiologists. After that we can proceed with the operation to scrape the prostate.” Dara explained looking very tired.




“Poor thing. You must be really tired.” Bom felt sorry for her friend and gave her a side hug.




Dara shook her head and gave a soft smile. “It’s ok. It’s my dad. This is the only thing I can do for them you know.



“You guys want to have lunch?” Jiyong offered but Bom shook her head.



“It’s ok. We need to discuss a few things. Right Dara?” Bom turned and looked at her friend.



Dara nodded getting why Bom wanted some alone time.



“Are you sure?” Jiyong confirmed with Dara and was answered with a smile and a nod.



“Alright. Let’s go.” Jiyong told Top and Seungri and left the girls behind.






“Sinchayo?” Chaerin could not believe what she just heard.



They were now having lunch and Dara told them about how Jiyong helped her the whole day and night with her father.



“Wow. He really likes you then.” Bom said realizing the extent of how much their boss likes Dara.



“How about you Unnie?” Hayi joined the conversation. “What do you feel about all this?”



Dara paused for a moment and thought to herself. It would be a lie if she tells them that she’s not liking the attention.



“I like it. But I’m scared.” She answered.







“Scared of what?” Seungri asked Jiyong.



The boys were now in Yongbae’s office talking about what the boys have seen this morning and the events that happened yesterday.



“Scared of being in a relationship.” Jiyong answered coolly.



The boys looked at Jiyong questioningly, not quite understanding what he was saying.



“She came from an abusive, stressful relationship.”



“Abusive?” Top asked getting concerned.



“Well not physically but I think emotionally and verbally for her to be so scared. She has panic attacks. Last night, like I’ll take care of her right and get her what she needs but then after a while, after thinking about it she panics and just be distant. Then I’d break the ice again and she’d be ok again. It’s kind of hard to explain really. I mean, I’m not sure what really happened to her and her ex. All she says is that she’s too scarred to start a new relationship right now.” Jiyong sighed as he explained the situation.



“Wow.” Daesung was surprised at the attitude his hyung was showing right now. Usually, Jiyong would not be this patient with the girl he likes. “You must really like her hyung.”



Seungri nodded in agreement. “We’ve never seen you act like this towards a girl.”



“I’m not sure why I’m like this either.” Jiyong told the others. “All I know is I want to be her friend. I want to protect her. Is it weird?”



He looked at the others and they have this blank look on their faces.



“I feel like she’s my answered prayer you know.”Jiyong added.



The four boys could not believe what they just heard.



“What do you mean your answered prayer?” Yongbae asked. Could it really be that the girl is really loved by Jiyong?



“When I saw her, I saw my future.”Jiyong answered right away earning shocked faces from the others.



“Wow.” Daesung mouthed to Top who was equivalently shocked as the others.



“Hyung. I never thought you’re that deep with this already.” Seungri blurted out.



Jiyong nodded. To think he only knew the girl for a couple of months but he’s into deep already.



“I’m worried.” Yongbae suddenly said.



“Me too.” Jiyong agreed.




After 3 months…



The boy’s approval rate has soared unto its highest. Requests for interview for the most eligible bachelors of Korea has outpoured.  Not to mention they too have stalker fans that makes Dara and the girls life harder.



As promised, Dara became Director of Public Relations for YG Group. Bom and CL are still assigned to the five boys. Manage their schedules, look over their financials, make sure they do not overspend, monitor even their private lives, make sure none of them would mess up and if they do the most important part of their team’s job is to fix it.



Since they are busier than ever, Dara gave up on the idea of opening another branch of her restaurant. She just focused on monitoring YG Group’s PR status and has continued enjoying it.



As for the dating part… well Dara wasn’t ready yet. She felt scared and not ready and she felt that there were a lot at stake if this next relationship fails. So, for the past 3 months Jiyong has been trying his best to get on her good side. Not to mention that the boys and the girls have been closer more than ever.



“So…” Bom sat at the chair placed in front of Dara’s desk.



Dara was reading her tablet and didn’t bother lifting her gaze. “So?”



“How’s it going with Jiyong?” Bom asked wriggling her eyebrows but still didn’t get a gaze from her friend.



“Why? What’s wrong with Jiyong?” Dara asked.



“So, you’re really not dating him?” Bom finally dropped the bomb. “Come on Dara it’s been what? 3 months since he said he likes you and to tell you honestly he’s really making big efforts to show it to you. He even stayed with you when your Dad was at the hospital and everything.”



Dara sighed and just continued reading her tablet.


“It’s not just him Unnie, it’s pretty obvious you like him too.” Chaerin unconsciously blurted it out as she signed on some papers.



“What?” Dara lifted her gaze and looked at Chaerin. “What are you talking about?”



“It’s pretty obvious Unnie. You like him too. I mean your closeness how you attend to his needs and everything.”



Bom nodded in agreement to what Chaerin is saying.



“What are you talking about? It’s my job to attend to his every need.” Dara defended herself.



“Ok, to keep it short. Your actions are far different to what you are saying. And it shows.” Chaerin told her.



“But seriously Dara why not try it? I mean I’m pretty sure that Jiyong won’t wait for you forever. One of these days he’s going to find a girl he will give up on you.” Bom said.



Just then Hayi entered the office and handed her tablet to Bom.



“Unnie, I think you should see this.”



“Looks like I spoke too soon.” Bom said showing the tablet to Chaerin before giving it to Dara.



It was a photo of Jiyong with a Japanese model. Though there are other people surrounding them, rumors have begun that they are dating.



Dara shook her head and handed the tablet back to Hayi. “This isn’t even true. They’re just friends these two I mean yeah Jiyong used to have a crush on her but-“



“But you came in the picture and Jiyong wanted to date you OH but wait. You don’t want to date him.” Bom interrupted her and finished her sentence for her.



Just then the door opened and Jiyong entered the room startling everyone and making them stand up and bow to him.



“Yes Mr. Kwon? Do you need anything?” Dara asked as the girls all stood and waited for Jiyong to say something.



Jiyong on the other hand did not think through what he was going to say and most likely have forgotten that the other girls would be with her and would overhear whatever it is he will say, looked lost and did not know what to say.



“Uhm yeah. Yeah.”



“NOOONNNNAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Just then Seungri shouted as he entered the room with Daesung behind him.



“Uhm yeah?” Dara answered confusingly.



“are… have… ok… not… true…” Seungri panted blurting out words as he pointed at the tablet showing the article.



“I’m sorry what?” Dara asked again not understanding what Seungri was saying.



“What are we going to do with this article?” Jiyong asked worriedly.


Bom looked at CL and Hayi who shrugged their shoulders.



“Nothing. I think this one should be left alone.” Dara calmly answered.



“So, we’re just going to let this issue go out there?” Jiyong insisted.



By now, the other girls just watched the discussion between Dara and Jiyong not to mention a very worried Seungri and Daesung standing between them.



“Well, is it true?” Dara asks calmly.



“No!” Both Seungri and Daesung shouted, earning a look from both Jiyong and Dara, to which the two immediately diverted their gaze somewhere else.



Aigoo. Bom shook her head in disbelief.



“If it’s not true then we shouldn’t be spending too much effort on it.” Dara said calmly.



“Is that ok?” JIyong asked again.



Dara nodded as she sits down and reviewed the papers on her desks.


“I swear it’s not true. We were with other people. We weren’t alone.” Jiyong explained.



“That’s true Noona.” Daesung agreed.



Dara didn’t lift her head and just continued reading the paper she was holding.



“DEE!” Jiyong said a bit louder while slamming his hands on Dara’s desk startling everyone.



Dara calmly placed the papers on the desk and looked at Jiyong.



“Ok. If it’s not true, then it’s not true. But like I said, we don’t need to comment on every issue. Besides, being a lady’s man in public’s eye wouldn’t hurt much don’t you think?” Dara asks looking at the other girls.



Bom and CL nodded. “It could increase hi

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