Chapter 8 - Still fighting it

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Dara took a deep breath as she massaged her temple.




“Can’t forget?” Jiyong asked.




The two were in Jiyong’s car on their way to Dara’s apartment.




“YAH!” Dara rolled her eyes and slapped Jiyong’s shoulders.




Jiyong smirked at her. Cute.




“Why are you so embarrassed?!”




“What do you mean why?!”




Dara can’t believe what she’s hearing.  By now, the whole office would be talking about their little “accident” this morning.




“We weren’t doing anything wrong.  We’re dating. We’re adults. What’s wrong with a little flirting?”




Dara closed her eyes and shook her head as if trying to erase the embarrassing memory.




“Nothing’s wrong with it if it’s not being done in the office!!!!”





Jiyong chuckled. Its fun teasing the uptight Dara.





“It’s not even funny Jiyong! What if your uncle hears about this!?! And by now for sure Manager Han has talked about what he saw!!!”





“What’s wrong with two adults kissing?” Jiyong even more.





KYAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dara’s heart beat paced. I can’t believe he’s so cool about this.





“JIYYYYYYYYYONNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Dara shrieked in annoyance causing Jiyong to laugh loudly.





Dara pouted in annoyance seeing how Jiyong won’t take her seriously. “HMPH! This is all your fault!”





“How is it my fault?!” Jiyong asked trying to hold back his laughter.






“Well if you weren’t being such a brat and spitting fire everywhere you go then I wouldn’t have gone to your office to tame you.”





Jiyong was about to retaliate when Dara’s phone rang.





“Yoboseo?” Dara answered her eyes glued to Jiyong. “Neh? Ah yes. Yes. No worries. Ah yes. Uhm. Thank you?”






Dara ends the call and stared blankly ahead not quite believing what just happened.






“What’s wrong?” Jiyong asked pretending to not know.






Dara stared at him for a moment.





“What? ?” Jiyong pretended to ask.





“Did you threaten Manager Han to not tell anyone what he saw and to apologize to me?”





Jiyong chuckled and shook his head. “You think too much of me Dara. I’m not that bad of a person.”






Dara stared at her suspiciously. 





“Why do I feel like you had something to do with this?”






“I’m hurt. Am I that bad of a person?” Jiyong said.





Dara shook her head and sighed. “You know what I’m talking about.”





“I’m telling you I don’t know what you’re talking about.”





Dara looked at him suspiciously but kept quiet the whole ride on their way to her house.





Upon reaching her house Jiyong parked the car and faced Dara.





“Look Dee, why are you so worried about what happened? It’s not like we were doing something bad.” Jiyong said trying to convince her.





Dara didn’t say anything and just stared at Jiyong.





“Are you that embarrassed of being with me?”





Dara felt a short pang upon hearing that. She really shouldn’t be making such a big deal out of it.






“It’s not that JIyong. It’s just that I don’t want people…






“To know about us?” Jiyong cut her off.





“To gossip about us. I’m your PR remember. I’m trying my best to give you a good PR.” Dara explained.






“Believe me you’re the best news that will be linked to me.” Jiyong laughed.






“Jiyong” Dara said sternly.







“Look. Stop worrying ok? Everybody knows I like you. Even the CEO, my uncle, knows it. You’re the only person in denial about it.” Jiyong said sounding a bit hurt.






Ok you’re messing this up. Dara thought. “I’m sorry. I just don’t want people to think bad of you.”






Jiyong smiled and cupped Dara’s face. “They will never do that and you know I don’t care about what others think. you’re far more important than any gossips running around.”





Dara blushed upon hearing Jiyong’s words. Ok fine. I give up.





“Jiyong you know why I’m a bit like this I’m trying my best you know.” Dara explained.





She really likes Jiyong but every time she opens, she gets reminded of her previous relationship and the pain she had to go through that she closes again and tries to shy away from people.






“I know and I also told you I understand and that I’ll wait.” Jiyong responded.





“Still? Even if it’s this complicated?”





Jiyong sighed and hugged her. “You’re the only one who thinks it’s complicated. But yes, even if it’s this complicated.”










“There you are!” Seungri greeted me with all smiles as he walked towards me.



“What’d you do now?” I frowned at him.



Being this guy’s PR person has taken a toll at my age. If Dara wasn’t such a great friend I would’ve resigned by now even if the pay was pretty damn good.



“Nothing.”He said smiling brightly.



“Then stop bothering me I have tons of work to do.”



“WAIT!” he said blocking my ways with his arms wide open.



What is it now?!?! This boy really was sent here on earth to torture me.



I looked at him and waited on what he was going to say to me.






“I need your help to get me something nice for a woman.” He finally answered.



“What do you need it for?”



“To give as a gift of course! You see it’s our monthsary soon and well I wanted to give her something extra special.” He explained. “I always give her something nice but like I want this to be like super super nice.”



I cannot believe how much gushing this full grown man is doing in front of me right now.



“Seunghyun, I have tons of deadlines and I really don’t have the time to do this.”



“Fine! I ‘ll do it myself then, I’ll buy it with my own card and deliver it by myself!” he said turning around and started to walk away.






“How about this one?” I pointed at an expensive scarf.



We have been trying to look for a gift for over three hours now. We have gone through three different malls and my head is about to explode due to a headache I got from choosing one gift.



Seungri looked at the scarf and squirmed his face out of disinterest. I’m going to kill him. I’m going to kill him.



“Too old-fashioned.”



“Well maybe it suits her age.” I answered earning a glare from him.  Right. He’s still my boss.  “Sorry that came out loud.”



“Whatever I wouldn’t expect you to understand what I’m feeling anyways.” He answered disregarding my remark.



He then proceeded to the area where the jewelries are.



I frowned as I watch him go through each display counter to check.



I can walk out form here and just pretend that I’m wanted at the head office.  I thought of an excuse but then a lightbulb lit up above my head.  Why resist when you can join the fun.



“Oh my gosh! That’s gorgeous! Can I try it on?”



The attendant smiled and got the necklace from the display. I turned around so that he could place it on me but then Seungri stood behind me, got the necklace and put it on me.



In an awkward, unexplainable moment he was staring at me and I was starting at how he was staring at me.



“Wow!” the attendant gushed bringing us both back to reality. “You look so…”



“beautiful.” Seungri unknowingly blurted out.



I know I shouldn’t but I blushed, and my innerself is scolding herself on why I’m blushing.



“You and your girlfriend make a wonderful couple.” The attendant told us.



Seungri smirked and winked at me. “I know right.”



I raised an eyebrow at him, unlocked the necklace and gave it back.



“What?” Seungri asked giving me one of his cheeky smiles.



I rolled my eyes at him and shook my head.



“Hey! I appreciate beauty when I see it and you know I say what I feel. You should know that more than others!”



True.  Out of the five heirs Seungri usually is the one who voices out his feeling.  Even if he gets scolded by his hyungs or the Chairman he always voices out his true feelings at a situation.



“So is this how you charm those girls?” I said realizing it too late why I shouldn’t have said that.



I hear a soft chuckle and I know he’s never going to let this go easily.



“Are you saying that what I just did was charming?”



Damnit. I will not hear the end of this.



“Shut up.”



He raised his two hands smirking and slowly walking away.





“Order up! One pesto pasta, one pepperoni one garden salad!”



“Sir yes sir!”



“Jiyong-ssi can you pass me that bottle of white wine?”



I watched as our restaurant’s kitchen becomes busy with both my friends and Jiyong and his cousins who happens to be my bosses, well right now they are busy cooking and helping me out.   I stared at each one of them as they go on and proceeded to cook, or serve the tables or make the drinks. 



“Unnie? Kwenchana?”



I came back to my senses with CL asking me if I was fine to which I just responded with a flustered nod.



I walked towards Jiyong who was busy grilling baby back ribs.



“Hey dee can you pass me the sauce?”



“Jiyong how’d you know I was here?” I asked him. 



I didn’t tell anyone that I was short handed in the restaurant, not to mention Se7en is on a business meeting and can’t take a leave to help out.



“Well I’ve been looking for you everywhere and when your staff didn’t know where you were, I assumed something happened here again so I called Se7en and he did say something about being shorthanded.”


My heartbeat paced as I stared at him busy grilling while explaining to me how on earth, he rounds up my friends and his cousins to help out here today. And I realized, that Jiyong has been a big part of my life lately. How he understands all my anxieties and patiently stays by my side.  His confidence in me strengthens my confidence even more. Even when there are times that I’m complicated he has this absolute trust in me and I’m not pretty sure if I deserve it.


“What’s wrong?” he stopped grilling noticing that I’ve been standing there staring at him for a while.



“I’m just… I don’t know what I am right now.” I blurted out. Which was true.  A few minutes ago I was crying cause I almost burnt my hand and now Jiyong’s here trying to save the day.



“Well if you’re not gonna help might as well stand in front of the cash register and give the customers their bills.” Jiyong said winking at me.





“Thank you for today.” I told Jiyong as I go down his car and both of us starts to walk towards my apartment.



“Anything for my baby girl.” Jiyong smiled at me with that boyish grin.



We stopped in front of the building entrance and I looked at him seriously.



“No joke Jiyong you saved me today. Seriously. Thanks.”



Jiyong sighed and he held both my hands.



“You know I’d do anything for you Dee.”



“And I’m not really sure how to respond to that. I may not be able to give back the same way that you do.”



Jiyong shook his head and pulled me into a hug.



“You’re enough already Dee. You don’t need to do anything.”



“Even if I’m still wavering?”



“Even if you’re still wavering.”



“Even if I’m always complicated?”



“Even if you’re always complicated.”



I looked at him and stared at his eyes and felt the warmth of his hug. 



“I really want to be with you.  But I’m not ready yet. It’s confusing. Every time I want to be with you and then I’d get anxious and it weirds me out. I get scared and step back.”



“I know. But don’t worry I’ll make sure your love for me becomes so strong you’d never want to leave me.”






“Jiyong left already?”



Bom asked as I enter our apartment with her and CL eating on some pasta they made at the restaurant.



“Yeah. He said he’s too tired to get in.”



“Dude. Your man is such a keeper. I’m surprised you’re still hesitating about that relation.” Bom said.



“Yeah unnie. He was really worried when you didn’t show up in the meeting and we didn’t know where you were.  And after learning what happened he told us we can go help you if we want to and well he told the guys he’d buy them watches or something if they helped.”Chaerin explained.



I let out a small smile imagining Jiyong persuading his cousins to help out.



“Are you still worried Dara? After this?” Bom asked not letting go of the topic.



I sighed and literally didn’t know what to say except for. “Yes.”



“Why?” both of them said at the same time.



“I don’t know. I know I have feelings for Jiyong. I know I like him. I want to be with him but every time I remember what happened in the past and how I was so deep in love and how I almost died trying to live I chicken out.” I explained. It was true though.  I chicken out every time I have a chance to make it official because I kept thinking what if I get hurt again and I’m hating myself for it.



“I’m honestly hating myself for it.”



Bom waved her fork back and forth signaling me no.  “Don’t. It’s not your fault it’s that aholes fault! If he wasn’t such a jerk and played you, you wouldn’t be this damaged.”



Ouch. Hurtful but it was true. I was damaged. Thinking of being in a relationship gives me anxiety.  I get nervous breakdown. It’s as if my body is telling me to abort mission because it’s going to be painful in the end.












Dara placed the newspaper in front of her.  The resto had the best sale yesterday since women started flocking it upon hearing the news of handsome men taking turns on serving, waiting and being a barista.


“Make them come again! They don’t’ have to work they just have to sit and smile!” Se7en told Dara last night over the phone.


What everyone else have forgotten was who these boys really are and that simple things like these are a magnitude steps in their world.


“Morning boss.” CL greeted as she entered their office but was greeted with a frown by Dara.


“Let me guess?  You saw the news already?” CL said as she sat across form Dara waiting for her response.



“Making them go there was a bad idea.”


CL chuckled and shook her head. “You know Jiyong won’t let you work alone and him alone with you doing restaurang work is a lot weirder than four of them helping out.”


Dara sighed. CL has a point.  A lot of them helping together is far better than just Jiyong helping her. It would mean a whole different thing. Although they really are different from friends but since Dara wanted it to be a secret…


“You’re right. I just hope the Chairman won’t get mad at me for this.”



“I don’t think that would happen.” Hayi said handing Dara her tablet to show her something.



“The boy’s approval rating went up?”



Hayi nodded while CL grabbed the tablet to double check.



“Apparently the people like this image of them.  Super rich but humble. Reachable yet so far.”  Hayi explained.



“Boy you really are one lucky girl!” CL told her friend.



A soft knock was heard on the door and when it opened Seungri came in.



“What did you do now?” CL furrowed her eyebrows.



“Why do you always assume that I did something?!!?”



Daesung who was behind me chuckled as he sat down by the couch. “Maybe cause you always do.”



“Hey! No judging!” Seungri protested sitting next to Daesung.



“Any problem directors?” Dara asked suddenly switching to professional mode.



Daesung looked at her in disbelief. “I thought we were close now Noona. What’s with the mood swing?”



Dara was about to react when Yongbae entered the office.



“Everything ok with your restaurant Dara?” Yongbae asked joining his cousins.



Dara smiled and nodded. “Yes. Thanks to you guys.”



“Anytime noona! Just call us whenever you need extra people” Seungri volunteered.



“Yes! but next time I don’t want to be the sacrificial lamb.” Daesung pouted.



While his cousins were helping the girls, he was the one tasked to stay and cover for them.



The room becomes quiet when Bom entered the room and you can see that she’s in a bad mood. Top was behind her but wasn’t talking too.



“What’s wrong?’ Dara asked looking from Bom to Top.



“And you thought I’m the one always in trouble.” Seungri nudged CL earning a glare from Bom.



“Anyone want to inform me what happened? Or should I just wait for it on the news?” Dara insisted but none of the two says anything.



“What are you guys doing here?’ Uncle has been looking for you guys!” Jiyong said barging in the room breaking the silence.



“Saved by the Jiyong!!!” Tabi smiled and playfully run out of the room.



“What was that all about?” Yongbae asked looking at Daesung who gave him a shrug.



One by one the other boys followed him leaving the girls behind.



“Ok now spill.” Dara told Bom.



Bom sat down beside her and let out a loud sigh before talking.



“Top broke up with the idol star.”



The three girls looked at each other confused.



“Isn’t that a good idea?”



“He asked me to go on a date.” Bom bluntly said making the girl’s speechless.





“You did what?!?!” Daseung asked shocked at the bomb Top just threw at him.



“Damnit. You too?” Yongbae said frustrated. Not being so negative but the girls are actually good at their job and if Jiyong and Top messed it up they’ll probably lose the best PR team YG Group has ever had.



“Wanna bet it’s going to be a three pair?” Top teased pointing at Seungri.



“What? Hyung I don’t dig younger girls. Hayi is just a younger sister to me besides I got my woman already.” Seungri denies.



“We’re not talking about Hayi.” Yongbae clarified.



“Then…” Seungri paused

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