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Jessica married Tiffany for the sake of love 

Tiffany married Jessica for her money and influence 

Jessica knows Tiffany is cheating behind her back

Tiffany knows that she can do any horrible things and Jessica will always love her the same

Jessica thinks Tiffany love her and doesn't just want to admit it

Tiffany thinks Jessica is an idiot for thinking that she'll love her when she will only love the person who treat her special even before everyone decided to call her a Goddess

But what if an incident happened which made Jessica to lose her face?

Was wearing a mask will unmasked Tiffany's feelings?

Will the mask help Tiffany to unmasked the lover she used to believe of who he was? 

Will it unmasked all the lies and betrayals they used to cover up?

But what if the mask will be the reason for Jessica to unmasked her hidden desires?

What if someone presented herself to provide all those things she's been longing for? 

Will our faithful wife will be the unfaithful one? 

Can an Incident changed everything? 

Let's meet Im Yoona, Jessica's doctor who came from an illustrious family

Yoona always hated the traditions of their family that women should work on medical fields 

So, what's her reason to work on Jessica's health? 

Will she used her position to masked her real desire? 

Or use it to get what she wants?


I'm new to AFF so hello! ? This is my 3rd FF.

Don't worry about Tiffany's bf, he won't last long doubt I'll be given him a name ?

I was thinking of making Jessica a Futa

Let me hear your thoughts!
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