Starry, Starry Night

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EunKang fanfic


He saw him for the first time on one starry night.


I was just notified that my story had been plagiarised to copycat website asian-fanfics..\(;´□`)/..huhu..if you're an author do check it here


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Chapter 24: I cried during jiwons parents acceptance ??????
duker99 #2
Your story is one of my favorite,next to Love Song.You’re doing fine,don’t apologize so much!? Thank you for quick update.
hyukmin86 #3
Chapter 24: This brighten my day
AlwaysSmile91 #4
Chapter 23: That’s definitely brighten up my days. Thank u so much. Please update soon. I really feel curious about what happen next. Hope everything will be alright both in this story or in the reality ?
Chapter 23: thank you so much for your update...
duker99 #6
Chapter 23: Thank you so much for the most awaited update. Loved it? ! Now, a cliffhanger.
Ummikalsom #7
Chapter 22: Thanks, please keep updating lovely eunkang. They are like fire & water, im very addicted to this couple.
AlwaysSmile91 #8
Chapter 22: I'm waiting for your update almost everyday. Thanks a lot >3>3
Chapter 21: Thank you for update.. now i'll wait the day Sunghoon find out the secret of their second meeting. What will his response beeee knowing his angel of death kissed him secretly
duker99 #10
Chapter 21: Thank you for the update. You’re doing fine. Now , it’s made clear on the first chapter.