I really just wanted ice cream


A friendly neighbor and a clutzy American noona get to know each other over frozen treats.



It had been a bad day. I over slept, missed the bus and broke the heel on my favorite shoes. After so much trauma I decided a frozen treat was just what I needed. I had had the optimism to think a little chocolate ice cream would make it all better, that was until I fell into the freezer case trying to get the last tub of chocolate heaven the convenience store had left. 


These chapters are going to be short. This is my first attempt at a story here but not the first one completed. It could probably be a one shot. Sorry for the awkward ability and ineptness you might read before you. 

Woah, a chapter. Not proof read, probably low quality. Meh 😲


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Chapter 5: Key is such a tease, but sassy at the same time. Where he goes, there is fun. Now I want ramen, hahah. But Ramen is one of the best foods. Now Lauren has a date with Jinki, hopefully it will be well
Chapter 4: Shopping with Key is fun, they got so many cute things. Key knows what to do in such situations when clothes get stuck. And they didn’t ruin the dress.
Chapter 3: Aww, she made Jinki blush. Now she will be noona to him. And her friendship with Key is so cute, she better prepare for shopping, Key won’t let her buy anything ugly and it will be a long shopping spree but she is still going to slay.
Chapter 2: Her friendship with Key is amazing. Key is someone who can befriend anyone and he values the friendship deeply. They spent some fun time together with Key’s sense of humour and he can give her some tips in fashion.

The last line made me laugh. But it is true, she needs will to date Korean man. After all , she is in Korea, she should make the best of her experience.
Chapter 1: Her first meeting with Jinki was special, she felt drawn to him by his smile which I admit is very beautiful and can cheer up everyone.

Working as a teacher in a country where you don’t know the language well might be challenging but she is strong, ready for a new chapter in her life.

And she is the coolest aunt ever because she is not afraid of hardships or challenges.
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Chapter 6: Omo!! She got hurt! :O Hopefully, she will recover soon!

A very cute story and I can't wait to see what happens between the characters!
Thank you and keep it up! <3
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Chapter 5: Key is a nice person and easy to get along with, but when he asked for her ity that surprised me a bit, but it was cute when he started to explain that he wants to protect her :D xD Made me chuckle, thankfully the embarrassment was gone! Yay!
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Chapter 4: Cute chapter. I love the relationship between Key and Jinki.
"I'll get your little chick back safely" - Key is hilarious and calling him pushy? He's not pushy, or maybe he is? ;) haha
And the scene when she got stuck in the dress and Key helped her, and of course, the comment at the end. Naughty Key! ;)
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Chapter 3: Yeah, at times it can be confusing when it comes to 'noona', 'oppa', and other similar words they use, but I am curious to see what will happen when she goes shopping hehe
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Chapter 2: I loved the Dorothy part, it's like the best movie and one can never get tired of it, right? :D
I can imagine it would be hard to get used to the surroundings, after all, a different country, language, customs, etc. But she somehow is getting the hang of it, which is good.
Also, the people being friendly towards her is a big plus, and the last part made me chuckle. He had no more reason to use blush. Well, I can't blame her hehe
New wardrobe? Shots of Soju? And the will to date? No wonder she also spit her soda out xD who wouldn't?

Thank you for this chapter! <3