In the pumpkin patch

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Autumn is a truly beautiful time of year.  That is if you love all that is pumpkin spice, fall mums, falling leaves and of course Halloween. Otherwise it is a lot of work if you or anyone in your family has acreage with trees on it. Which your grandmother does have.


Your lovely boyfriend of two years agreed to help you rake leaves at Grandma's home today. Even though you knew he 100% had other plans. Halloween was two weeks away and he wanted to go get pumpkins at the best patch in the county for Jack-o-lanterns. Chanyeol had been hinting to go get big and small pumpkins to decorate since October 1st and you had promised him this Saturday to go. That was until your mother called telling you to go to Grandma's. Since helping Grandma trumped all else you were obligated. You just hoped Yeollie would understand.

I love this time of year. Now if I just had someone to enjoy it with. Thank goodness for EXO.


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Still my favorite! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
Chapter 1: To start with, I'm not very acquainted with Halloween because it's not widely celebrated here. It's more of a cosplay show around here and absolutely no pumpkin is involved. Chanyeol and OC's love for halloween was foreign to me at first but as I read on, I could really feel myself becoming excited with them about this holiday too! And then the mix of Chanyeol's friends! They were such a great addition to this story! It was always my dream to have a friend group of this sort. OC's grandma rocks as well! The proposal was just perfect, so personal and meaningful. It's like "their thing" sort of thing T__T It took me a while to complete this but here I am, will probably be back this October again! Many times in between! Just know that I will always think of this story when Halloween is knocking on my door! Great writing, Lori!
Chapter 1: *sobs*
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Chapter 1: 👻🎃👻🎃👻

This one is surely a battery recharge for me! I always fall in love over and over again with Chanyeol and the concept of this story! It's amazing and relaxing!

I have lost count of how many times I have read it, but each time it seems like I am reading it for the first time!

Thank you!

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Chapter 1: 👻🎃👻🎃👻

And once again, I found myself reading this, to lift my spirit up. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can never get enough of this. 🌹💗

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I can never get enough of this one, it's definitely my all-time favorite one and I can't help but admire the wonderful story. It's always wonderful to escape somewhere else, and this story allows that! 😍😍😍

Thank you! 🌹💗

Chapter 1: Ahhh this was so cute!!❤️❤️ I probably shouldn't have read it at this time, cuz now I'm in such a halloween mood, but it's so long until october!😩
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Chapter 1: I needed something sweet and relaxing to read and I found myself reading this one again. I just can't help it! It's soooo sweet! ✔✨😍
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Chapter 1: Story: Excellent! ✔✨🥰😍

Characters: Chanyeol (what else could I ask for?) 😍🥰😍🥰

I really enjoyed the beginning of the story itself. It gave such good details on how it all started and Chanyeol's bubbly and competitive personality. Easy to imagine and just wonderful!! The whole concept of how he was robbed and how the effort was put into solving the trouble was great. Tea, spending time together, flowers, that small crush that was pushed aside, and his friends. Marvelous! 💗😍😘

Autumn is a lovely season, and it's rare to find a person who doesn't love Autumn (for those who don't, they have no idea what they are missing hehe), anyways back to the point. Halloween 👻🎃 The road trip was definitely fun, the games, the songs, and just the whole atmosphere! Wonderful! The mention of Chanyeol acting like a kid in a candy store was easily imaginable and it made me laugh. 😂🤣

Omo! The teasing part was a bit mean but in a friendly kind of way. It was cute, to say the least, but Chanyeol's silence said more than words. 😈 Jin. He did seem like a nice guy, but honestly, I just couldn't feel it, but then again Chanyeol gave no signs, so... And as for Chanyeol and the mishaps well I found it cute and funny and I loved how he asked for advice. The similarities and all that, no wonder the old feeling escaped again. 😉😉 As for Jin... well as I said I just couldn't feel it, something was and I was right about it. 🤔👀

Chanyeol is such a sweetheart. Movies, snacks, ice cream... well things got a bit heavy afterward but they confessed. Wait he sent signals? Hehe. He should have been a bit louder 😉😍 Having a child is a big step, but what girl wouldn't be happy if the man of their dreams was up for it? 😍
As for the conversation it gave me a mini heart attack, but all was good in the end! He had it all planned out, all that was missing was a 'Yes'! 💗😍

Yeol had been accepted by the parents and grandmother hehe 💗😍 No matter where he comes it's always fun and games with him! 💗😍 Did I mention I love the grandma? Flirt xD
Omo! The announcement and proposal made me smile like an idiot, but it was so cuuuuuteeeeeeee.

It brought tears of joy to my eyes! Lovely and romantic! 💗😍🥰🌹
Thank you for this lovely story!!! 🥰😍✨💗
Keep it up!!! ✔👌👍
Chapter 1: ok i know i'm like 2 weeks late but finally got round to reading this all in one go! i could definitely feel your love for Halloween and I commend you for covering so much background story and info in one short story because dragging to pace on whatsoever. The Jongdae scene also made me chuckle. This was a very lovely and sweet story to read overall ^-^