The Cat's Meow

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After finally making the decision to get another pet, 30 year old you finds herself on the verge of going to the local animal shelter hoping to find the fluffy, loveable kitty of your dreams. Little did you know that an almost accident could turn out with you meeting the man of your fantasies.

This photo inspired this story. 


Everyone told you that you were kind, smart and funny. What you thought were way too many pounds were called luscious padding in the right places by your best guy friends and that someday the right man for you would come along, granted if you actually look. You, at one point in a length of loneliness decided that you had so much love to offer....a pet so you went looking for the kitty who would make your life fulfilled.  You got that all right and much more than you bargained for.

TtTrying to jump back on the writing horse with a fairly dull update. Like they say, Ya gotta wade through a lot of filler to get to the good stuff. Let's just hope and pray I deliver on something halfway decent to "good stuff."


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Chapter 7: From cuddly cat Xiumin to cheeky Minseok, and now Emmy has an Oh-so-handsome Sehun Oh! Just how much more luck does Emmy really have? 😍😍😍
Chapter 3: Emmy and Minseok are gerting close 😍. And... I would love to have protective brothers ChenBaekYeol! 🥰🥰🥰
Chapter 2: Oh, Xiumin the cat and Minseok Kim are so mischievously cute! I'm having fun reading how both of them are so playful around OC... 😍 (Or should I refer to THEM in singular form? 🤭💚)
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Chapter 7: 🌹💗🌹💗🌹

I have to admit that I missed your writing so much! It's easy to imagine it all and there is a mix of everything, from work to private life, comedy, etc.

I adore the scenes with the kitty and it actually made me laugh as well, with the little accident and the egg bump and her way of apologizing to the little kitty. 😂 LOVED IT!

Also, I missed the interaction between Chanyeol and Baekhyun. XD Baekhyun was all in the game and Chanyeol suddenly drops the bomb and says he wasn't home and Baekhyun goes on with his dirty thoughts. XD I was dying!

Oh Sehun is still a mystery so I am not sure what to think about him just yet. But for the compliment parts, ah I hate those, as it makes me feel uncomfortable XD

Thank you for the update! Can't wait to see what happens next!

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I had to read the previous chapters first just to remind myself about what I had read earlier, but now that I have, it's time to read the newest chapter! Let's see what you have in store for us *winks*

Thank you!
Chapter 7: Ohhh, is Mr. Oh potentially dangerous to our hearts?
Chapter 7: I'm so glad to see an update! Yay! This was a sweet chapter, I loved the interaction. Emmy has such...presence. I'm not sure how to describe it, but in some ways, she seems so no-nonsense about stuff. On those rare times I get compliments about one thing or another, (luckily cause I really don't like getting them), I get rather uncomfortable too. It's obvious she's slightly uncomfortable with it also, but she handles it so well, that I wish I could be that casual about it.

I have to say, the Xiumin scene I rather enjoyed as well. I could literally see it, which is always so nice while reading a story, it was fun. I realize now it sounds as if I am taking joy from Emmy's pain, sorry Emmy!!!

I hope there will be another update soon!!
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Chapter 7: Welcome back!!! Wow.. minseok AND sehun?? Emmy is one lucky girl <333