Personal Message

Hey there!

I've been writing fanfic for over 10 years for a different fandom for my UB domestic group. My genre is romance and I am a Triple S, Shawol, Starlight and Army! I currently write for all my groups. I have been considering a long form story for SHINee at some point, more than likely for Onew if I do, possibly one of the other members, not sure at this time, but  will more than likely stick with visuals and short stories for SHINee,VIXX & BTS. I write visuals (aka ) and regular short stories as well, but I hope to have a nice mix, most of my stories are visuals at this time. I don't write /slash however (not my cup o' tea), though on rare occassions I may read it. I do love reading fanfic and I am addicted to it as well as K-Dramas! Don't hesitate to friend request, I love having friends and readers from all over!

Check me out on tumblr, if I start to get followers, I may consider starting to do requests for one-shots/drabbles for SS501,SHINee, VIXX and BTS! It's sparse now as I'm not very active since I don't have much to do there, but I've got one follower and I'm looking for more. Sometimes I may post some things to do with writing and just random funness!


About Me

- I live in Upstate NY

- Youngest of three

- Been writing for over 10 years

- Have a poem published

- I am a Kpop Noona, I'm older than all the young men in all my groups! Probably in pretty much all groups to be honest. LOL! Basically a just a Kpop Noona.

- Love K-Dramas/Movies/Sitcoms! I do watch others as well, but Korean are my favorite. I love Comedies, Romance and Romantic Comedies! My favorite actors are: Song Seung Heon (my very first exposure to Korean men so he has a special place in my heart), Kim Hyun Joong, Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Hyun Woo. (<--- My love for these men is real, hardcore and cannot be denied.)

- Favorite K-Pop groups in order with bias lists:

  1. SS501/301 (UB Group/s)


  • All 5, I could break it down if I had to, but I choose not to.

      2. SHINee


  •  Onew
  •  Beyond Onew I could never decide lol! If I could have it my way, it'd be a fourway tie for second!



  • Leo
  • N
  • Ken
  • Ravi
  • Hongbin
  • Hyuk

      4. BTS


  • Namjoon
  • Jimin (EXTREMELY close second. He threatens NamJoon daily and I mean that, the struggle is real.)
  • Jungkook
  • V
  • Suga
  • J-Hope
  • Jin


*Beast - Retired, but will always be my third bias group


- I listen to all kinds of music so long as it's good.

- Love anime and manga, I prefer shojo.

- I play video games, my favorite series is Kingdom Hearts!

- I enjoy role playing, though I haven't in years

- I have a Tumblr page, check it out! WhisperingOnyx

- I have an askfm account, feel free to ask me questions! MidnightOnyx