8yr Anniversary and semi exciting tidbit about my writing!

Hello all!

I just wanted to create a quick blog to say today marks my 8yr anniversary of joining this site! YAY! I wanna say a huge THANK YOU to all the readers, subscribers, and friends from here! It's been a long time and I've met so many great fellow writers and readers and friends, I'm so glad I took the chance to join and I'm so glad you took the chance to read my stories and have followed along with me on this journey. When I joined oh so long ago, it'd been quite a while since I'd written fanfic for my UB domestic group. I'd dabbled in doing a story for Vampire Diaries, but that was handwritten and I never finished it, though I feel the plot had been pretty damn good lol!

Still and all, nothing had come from it. When I got first into K-dramas, it gradually evolved into K-pop. I'd had met a few people online and I had heard about AFF and I decided to join and wrote my first very very short story "Chocolate" which is on here and the rest is history. 

If you've been with me all these 8yrs and if I'm correct, there are a few, thank you for sticking with me from the beginning (there were few, but a mighty few!). I'd like to think my writing has improved greatly since then and while my older stuff can be a bit...mmm...bland and immature, I am proud of it, very proud of it. I feel that writing is a continuous growth process, each story, each short story, you grow and get better. I'm sure a few years from now, I'll be saying the same things about my current writings and hopefully, I'll have grown even more.

This brings me to the exciting tidbit about my writing.

I've decided to attempt to try to get published, well it's really self-published actually, through Amazon and maybe get picked up by an independent publisher later. There is another writer that I follow who I know was doing the same thing and at the time, I had felt envious of her guts to do it. Now I've decided to throw my hand in and give it a try. That is to say though that I am extremely nervous and doubtful to even try cause I mean let's face it, I can put it out there, but that doesn't mean anyone is gonna read it. So I have my doubts and there's a high (and more likely) chance nothing will even come from this. That being said, I have had certain encounters with people who have advised me to just do it, my Mom being one. My Mom has always been my biggest supporter. She reads all my fic from my domestic UB group to all my Kpop stuff, (even the ual ones and is always upset I only have one scene in my stories, she's something else I tell ya lol!) and she has been on my case for years and years to get published, she says she wants to see me do something with my writing "talent" before she leaves this earth and I just keep pushing back and telling her no. *Sigh* I don't know what to say other than I'll try, like I said, I've had some things happen a few times that have pushed me to do this and I guess now I'll do it. Ideally, I'd like to get into Fiction, but I'm not sure I can do that, I may end up just with basic Romance, or maybe tackle both, but I dunno. 

I got some romance and romance prompt books and a romance thesaurus of sorts to help with the process and I did find a writing group I'm debating on joining. I plan to practice using kpop, so hopefully, you'll be seeing some one-shots of visuals (aka ) on here of me trying different things, including, stories with more than one scene, (my Mom will be so happy oye! lol) and just hopefully more and ual stuff than what I do write. I've always felt my ual stuff was a bit lacking, boring, and repetitive. The rare times I brought it to the level I wanted, I only achieved it when I was half asleep or deadass exhausted, lol. So I need to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and so this is where the prompts will hopefully come in to help. There are of course going to be certain things I will not write regardless though. 

I hope that you'll continue to support my writing in the coming years and I will be removing the poll I had, I got my answers already, thanks to those who participated! I have to say, it may be a good idea to do the requests so this way I can get ideas from my readers, with a set of rules and guidelines of course, but it could help me on my way. I will say to those who voted they weren't interested, that is absolutely fine, there will be zero pressure to participate, so if you do see requests for a story idea or whatnot, please ignore them and thank you again for participating and being honest!

Thank you all again and here's to 8 more years!


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