Fight For You


Hana had lost her parents at a young age and was taken in by Bang Si Hyuk, who is also housing seven other boys. Eleven years forward, they all had live together as a family but slowly secrets of who Hana really is started to rise. And the more it revealed itself, the more Hana is in danger. Would they be able to save Hana when the time comes?

“Eomma! Appa!” I shouted as people suddenly barged into our dining room.

“Hyun, take Hana away fast!" shouted appa as he stood in front of us, protecting us from the intruders.

“Alright oppa. See you at that place. Stay safe oppa. I love you,” replied eomma as she carried me. She quickly ran towards the back door into the forest. It was so dark and I didn’t know where we were going. All I heard was eomma’s feet shuffling under the dark and suddenly there were lots of howling. I hugged eomma tighter, scared.

“Don't worry baby girl. Eomma appa will always protect you. Nothing is going to harm you,” I heard eomma cooed.

Eomma slowed down as she approached a small cabin. We entered and it was like a small pub. There were a few people drinking and chatting after a hard day at work I suppose. Eomma put me down at the dark far corner table and ordered hot milk for me.

“Hana baby. My precious girl. Eomma and appa love you so much. With all of our lives,” eomma said as she hugged me. “Listen to eomma, eomma will go out for awhile and check on appa. You just stay here, okay? You can do that, right?” I nodded while holding my tears.

“Don’t respond to anyone at all. Wait for eomma and appa, or, you remember Bang ahjussi? He always come by to the house sometimes,” I tried recalling the name and nodded. “Then you can follow Bang ahjussi if he’s here. If anything were to happen, hide yourself under the table. This place is dark enough and you are small to make yourself not be seen.” I nodded again understanding the instructions.

“Remember to always be kind. Always keep that smile on your face and be happy. Eomma knows you are a strong girl. Eomma loves you,” Eomma kissed my forehead and left. I wanted to cry but can’t, not when eomma told me to be strong. Eomma turned and gave me one last look, her beautiful smile but yet eyes full of worries, before quietly leaving. I sat at the corner table, drinking my milk and just stared at the door, hoping for eomma and appa to appear.


Hello. Well this is a new story I came up with and it took me months to think about it and then write it. I've actually finished writing almost the whole story, maybe only a few more chapters left. This story is something I came up and discussed with my friend and it's something new that I tried exploring. I actually tried working on the story by this prompt, 'And there's no way I can lose, when it's you I'm fighting for -Saving you tonight (Bobby)'. Hope you guys enjoy it.

And thank you for reading and subscribing.

Also, there will be few cursing here and there in the story, just mentioning it earlier in case some are uncomfortable with it.

Thanks again for reading it.



Also I would like to thank Feytish for making the artwork for me. I really love it. It looks amazing. If you need any artwork done, you can check it at this link

Thank you again for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it.


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Chapter 5: There is one more secret of Jimin, Hana. He loves you. Hahhaha :)))