The Real Beauty

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Sori joined BTS pack around three years ago, however she doesn't really seems to fit in with her pack mates. Maybe it's just an impression of hers, maybe it's because she's not a born-werewolf, maybe it's because she doesn't look as pretty as the other girls of the pack...she just feels like she doesn't fit in with them.

Add to that the fact that she had strong feelings for the maknae of the pack for a very long time...what will happen when she meets some members of the pack who lives on the other side of the lake?


Hello everyone, I'm Felix!

I wrote a one shot with these characters and I found out I still had many ideas I wanted to try and this is how I started writing this story. I never wrote a full fic before, so this is the first fic I write. If you have some tips you'd like to give me, just leave a comment and I'll read it!

English isn't my first language, so there will probably be mistakes. I'll try to correct them, but I might still miss some of them.


Please, do not plagiarize this fanfiction. Everything I'll publish comes from my pretty little sick brain, if you want to write something use your pretty little sick brain too. Do not copy other people's works. 



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Please, wait for me, I'm almost done with the new chapter, but I have only half an hour to write it, and at times I'm so tired that I can't keep my eyes open to write when I'm done studying. I promise I'll update as soon as I can! I'll explain why it took me so long when I'll update!

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Chapter 15: Is this when I should start saying goodbye to SehunXOC TT
At least they've tried to start mending their relationship with her, wooo.. *lowkey cries in the corner because I started reading this knowing it's JungkookXOC but now the struggles real*

ps I totally support your work and this story as a Jungkook story. Its just the struggles of biases you know :P Keep up the good work and continue prioritizing you life first, we'll always be here waiting for when ever you decided to update but life won't wait for you so do what you need to do. :) We understand <3
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Chapter 15: Ah this trio confuses me. Like they try to down play how bad they are.
Luckychicken101 1 points #3
Chapter 15: it's okay we are happy to wait for you patiently!!! Such an awesome update!! I'm glad the maknae line understands that they hurted Sori a lot. Also Kookie is freaking stubborn as and I hope his mind set changes!! As much as he denies it!! Yoongi and Hoseok really makes my heart sing <3
girlnextdoor 1 points #4
Chapter 15: Thank you for the update!
1 points #5
Chapter 15: your updates are worth the wait :)
update soon and also good luck on your exams ^__^
july-pupetta 1 points #6
Chapter 15: Hiii , I'm so happy to hear from you :D . This chapter was awesome, i love it <3. I really like the interactions Sora had with the three cuties XD. You don't know how happy i was to see Tae apologizing and learning his mistake and Jimin's gift was super cute. I was totally surprised to see a shy Jk XD he was such a cutie, i can see how he is slowly changing.
Your studies are much more important so don't worry :D we will wait for you <3
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Chapter 15: Hey ~ long time no see ^^
It’s ok take your time and study well!
Stellybinx12 1 points #8
Chapter 14: Amazing chapter can’t wait to read more
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I couldn't stand the main guy(Jungkook's attitude or the way he acted. No matter what history he had or how "sweet" he would be later on; would not make up for what he has done. I can NOT support them as a couple. Plus's the way she and the pack view things is kind of distorted.
GriffinEvanescent 1 points #10
Chapter 14: Even though this is a JungkookxOC, I'm still rooting for Sehun.
I'm really fed up with how some of the BTS members treat Sori, it's so rude and disrespectful hmph.

It's been awhile since I read this story so I don't quite remember, plus with all the other werewolf stories I've read, it can blend together sometimes. Jungkook's her mate right? Is there no way for her to reject him in your story or does she simply choose not too? Sorry if you've already mentioned it >_<

Wait I just read the description again and it says she has strong feelings for Jungkook, not necessarily that he's her mate?
Another realization after searching through all the chapters for the word "mate", I've answered one of the questions. Jungkook is not her mate... correct? Although I didn't see anything about rejecting a mate or what it's like when you meet your mate. Are there sparks, do they realize right away? Does it take time and development?
Sori seems pretty new to a lot information about werewolves like asking and reading a book about mates, and learning how to fight and use tactics throughout it. So maybe she won't recognize her mate if she sees him? Especially with her crush on Jungkook messing with her and alcohol influence .......ok I'll be honest and admit I'm hopelessly digging for any possible way for her mate to be Sehun.
*sighs* what am I doing, trying to find hope in a possible SehunxOc at 2 am is not the smartest thing I've done. I literally just spit out everything I thought so I'll just leave this here to relish in my stupidity when I've more comprehensive :P